Return to the  small farmer period in Shezi Island


    In the early days of Shezi Island, it was an agricultural society with relatively scarce living supplies. Farmers usually wore casual clothing. The most common outfits were a bucket hat, a light jacket and shorts. They usually walking on barefeet. Mr. Wancheng Chen, an elderly man in Shezi Island, said when he was a child, he had to walk the cattles after school and wait until they were full, so they could go home. Cattle was an important labor force for the farmer at that time. Therefore, feeding theem was also an important job. Even in rainy days, people have to walk the cattles. The ancient raincoat of the peasants is known as "brown coat”. It is woven from palm leaves. Before the advent of plastic raincoats, it was quite practical for farmers.


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    In the early agricultural society, many household appliances were made by farmers themselves using the surrounding plants. Among them, salty grass is widely used, such as straw rope, straw mat, straw hat and straw shoes are very popular! The Fuzhou area of Shezi Island used to had a history of salty grass industry. According to Mr. Jitong, a local elderly man, salty grass was naturally grew on the river side many years ago. Because of its economic value, farmers began to plant a large amount and sold it to the urban area such as Dadaojing and Mengjia.


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