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1. Sock’n Roll- 《Business weekly》ducumentary
2. The story of sock-<Taiwan brother black dog>
3. Discussion on the key factors of successful transformation of traditional industries OH9 authors who bravely pursue dreams
4. OH9 official website
5. The brand road of Taiwan Brother Black dog
6. Patent
7. OH9 official-FB

OH9 Brand Road| Li Dong-lin - - WorkFace Taipei
9. The SWOT analysis model - MBAlib分析模型
10. 4Ps-MBAlib
11. Sports Socks Baidu Encyclopedia
12. Four principles of sport socks , pixnet
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14. The knowledge of sport socks

1. 《Taiwan Brother Black Dog 》Pursue your dreams in the face of adversity   /Chinatimes/03/29/2013
2. Fighting!Taiwan Brother Black Dog   /Business Weekly <1323> /04/01/2013
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6. The global War of Taiwan's brother black dog   /Business Weekly <1323> / 04/01/2013
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8. Sock’n Roll- 《Business weekly》ducumentary
9. 「Brother Black Dog 」Li Donglin will upgrade his OEM socks  /money/ 07/2013
10.  BrotherBlack Dog reverses life strong hit Taiwan socks  / LIFE PLUS /2013 -May-No.14
11. Research on the relationship between local cultural industry and production strategy--a case study of Zhanghua's head weaving socks

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4. OH9official-FB
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Reference Film
1. Changhua Sanda TV-Little People Big Dreams-Li Donglin
2. Sock’n Roll- 《Business weekly》ducumentary

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