Participants Task Percentage
Team member:
Fu, Mei-Han
Wu, Meng-Chen
Wu, Hao-Kai
Gao, Hui-Min
Li, Guan-Hong
Lin, Zhe-Hong
  1. Make plans about the guidelines of the project.
  2. Make the webpage of the project.
  3. Make PPT of the project.
  4. Interview people.
  5. Camcorder, photo shooting.
  6. Record interview.
  7. Edit the information.
  8. Make interview guidelines.
  9. Fill in the schedule report.
  10. Collect related data.
Instructor (teacher):
Hong, Mei-Ling
Li, Chia-Chen
Chen, Tsai-Kuei
  1. Hold a meeting.
  2. Induct and analyze project data.
  3. Guide and view project webpage.
  4. Decide project title and its plan.
  5. Instruct computer technique.
Other person:
Chen, Hei-Mei
Lin, Pei-Ying
Tseng, Guo-Fen
Chen, Xiang-Lin
Tangled Love
  1. Take an interview.
  2. Practical demo on spring flower.
  3. Explain the related knowledge of spring flower.
  4. Answer the history of spring flower, humanities and related questions.
Other teacher:
Liu, Zheng-Nan
Lin, Yu-Wen
  1. Give advice of the study.
  2. Give advice of modifying the webpage.
  3. Give advice of translation and word modification.