1.Tsai, Shiau-Yu. Embrace. It’s More Blessed to Give Than to Receive: The Real Stories of 30 Great Men. Taipei: Chun Guang, 2010
ISBN: 9789866572722


2.Wu, Qing-Gui. Take Wing with Love (2014 new edition). Taipei: come together Publishing, 2014


3.Chen, Bing-Heng. Han-Lin Social Studies Grade 6th textbook. Taipei: Han Lin Publishing, 2018


Special Thanks

1. Doctor Chi-Chun Liu

2. Secretary Liao of the TRMPC

3. Director Li of the TRMPC

4. Volunteers of the TRMPC

5. Director Shi of Chi-Jen Primary School

6. Nathaniel Dean Lewis

7. Zane Arnold

8. Meng-Chen Kao

Compiled by:Chen-Chi Lee、Wei-Cheng Chen、Chia-Hsuan Wu