Taiwan used to be highly economic dependent on industry in the past decades. In recent years, people urged environmental sustainability instead of environmental exploitation . In order to meet the needs, the authority promulgates laws and regulations to control noise, air and water pollutions.

Recently, some of our classmates have been asked to wear masks all day long by their parents. Despite of keeping them from catching a cold, parents said that the masks could protect them from polluted air. Meanwhile, words like “ hazardous purple warnings” and “PM2.5” frequently showed up on newspapers. What was a “purple warning”? Did it mean that there were a lot of purple pollutant in the ambient air? Since PM2.5 would discomfort people with cardiovascular symptoms, could healthy people like us be affected, too? Were factories with emissions the main reasons for air pollution? Should ordinary people like us take the blame for air pollution? There were people claiming that their products were good at protecting us from polluted air. Were they honest about their products? We came up with so many questions about air pollution and were eager to find out answers.

photographed by Jian-zhong Du, United Daily News
(2016, November 19) Mandarin Daily News, P.1
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