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8-3 Project Elements

1. How did your activities and research for this International Schools CyberFair Project support standards, required coursework and curriculum standards?





During the process of participation in Cyberfair project, students must read a large number of articles. Therefore, data retrieval and sorting ability as well as the inductive learning ability can be cultivated. In the activities of interview, barrier passing, broadcasting and presentation, students can practice the spoken English, and meanwhile they need to feed back in timely way according to the reaction of the other party. Besides, after the end of every activity, students must record the activity process and afterthoughts in the learning log. In addition to mutual observation, emulation and advancement, the tutor will also give revision opinions, which can improve students’ writing ability substantially.


We have designed a questionnaire after the end of advocacy activity, so as to master students’ cognition degree for electromagnetic wave by means of real data. We adopt charts to explain various answers given by students. In this way, we can apply the statistical knowledge learned from the mathematical textbooks flexibly and a deep impression can be left on students.

Social studies

Our Cyberfair project ranges from the struggle history of residents in Luzhou to in-person survey of issues related to electromagnetic wave. During such process, students can observe and experience the multiple interactive relationships between human and society, culture and ecological environment. Meanwhile, during the process of reviewing the news events of struggle of residents or environment-protecting group against transformer station and electrical tower, we can understand the difference in environment and humanistic features between local and foreign areas as well as the problems they are faced with. These are the learning goals emphasized by social learning fields.

Arts and humanities

In order to advocate the knowledge of electromagnetic wave in the campus, we have made the propaganda posters and barrier passing sheet and designed the webpage, which reveals students’ artistic ability learned on normal days. In the course of creation, students can also cultivate their own attitude of appreciating art works and recognizing various art styles. In the end, they can complete their works and feel a sense of accomplishment. Thus, the goals of exploration, performance, appreciation of the beauty and practice are implemented.

Nature and life technology

During the participation in Cyberfair project, we must constantly associate the resources related to themes to search data and explore new knowledge. When we encounter difficulties, we should learn to solve the problems through team power. Therefore, we gradually develop a habit of active learning, communication and discussion in the course. We have designed some small scientific experiments in the activities of barrier passing to introduce the magneto-electricity relation, which also arouses students’ interest in nature science and makes them know that nature science is closely related to life.

Comprehensive activities

Discussion, communication, sharing and mutual assistance are required for the team members of Cyberfair project to carry out the task for each day. In various propaganda activities, they must also try to express and break through themselves. In face of schoolwork, the work of Cyberfair project and personal community activities, students must try their best to reach the goals in limited time and learn to ask for help duly. Thus, the 4 goals of practical experience of knowledge, reflection on personal significance, expansion of learning experience and encouragement of diversification and respect) pursued in integrated fields are fully embodied.

Health and Physical Education

In terms of the theme of this research, it is hoped to help students have a better understanding of the relationship between electromagnetic wave and physical health. Besides, it is written in the competence indicator of health and sports fields that understanding and identifying with the group norms and experiencing and learning the happy life attitude is just like writing logging when we have a group discussion, paying attention to our own behavior during the visit and etiquette during presentation making in each class and barrier passing. We identify with the significance of group norms in the activity and enjoy it. The exploration process helps us realize the importance of self-affirmation and self-actualization, which is also the healthy psychology emphasized by health and sports fields.

School-based curriculum

Lu Jiang Elementary School has participated in Cyberfair project for a dozen times. The research results for each year will be retained on the homepage of school website, and it is the key development project of school-based curriculum. These exploration, research and promotion results accumulated in the past are the knowledge treasures for teachers and students to learn the curriculum in relevant fields. Besides, the senior female and male schoolmates in the previous sessions of Cyberfair projects have paid a lot and they are the good examples students should learn from. Children can get to know locally cultural construction in person in the activities, which arouses children to pay more attention to the issues of community, local culture, characters, construction, environmental protection, etc., thus the school education will become more localized and diversified.


2. What information tools & technologies did you use to complete your CyberFair project?
Recorder pen: Recording.
Internet: Searching for relevant data, email delivery, and transmission of files.
Digital camera: Taking photos at the scenes of a variety of activities.
Digital camcorder: presentation making in each class and barrier passing activity.
Printer and poster machines: Printing of data, large posters, and the questionnaire to customers.
Internet & EMAIL: Search for information, communicate, hand in the interview records
USB Drive: Storage of the data related to the CyberFair project
Computer software: Dreamweaver—production of web pages,, Photocap- image processing, Inkscape-vector drawing, Microsoft Word-data log and typewriting, Microsoft PowerPoint-make the presentation, Google Drive-store data.

3. In what ways did you act as “ambassadors” and spokespersons for your CyberFair project both on-line and in person?

In order to make more people get to know electromagnetic wave, we have conducted various kinds of related advocacy methods. During the process of advocacy, we have tried different methods to play the role of researchers and promotion ambassadors in person so that students will not be strange to electromagnetic wave gradually. We have the following concrete practices:


(1) Announcers
During the lunch time on every Tuesday, it is the time for radio drama of “Sound of Lu Jiang”, when we especially play a role of a man from electromagnetic planet and draw up a broadcast script suitable for all the schoolmates. We have spent lots of time and efforts in adjusting the difficulty of contents and increasing the interest! After the end of broadcast activities, many students become more familiar with “electromagnetic wave” and we feel a great sense of accomplishment!


(2) Design of reading and learning sheet
We take the opportunity of holding reading and writing contest in the school to design a reading and learning sheet related to electromagnetic wave and hope that students can express their own opinions of electromagnetic wave through this activity. Thus, we can also understand students’ cognition status for electromagnetic wave, collect their wrong ideas and begin to design presentations.


(3)Propaganda by making presentations in each class
We have found that many students don’t understand the science knowledge and other issues related to “electromagnetic wave” in spite of students in higher grade. In order to make students further understand this “new” noun, we have searched and explored lots of data, sorted out the key information and then obtained the permission of tutors of each class in Grade 6 to go to the classroom to make the presentation. After the end of presentation, we use the magnetometer to measure the value of electromagnetic wave of electrical appliances in the classroom and students can observe the difference in the values of electromagnetic wave in different distances and different electrical appliances. Thus, they feel it very novel and interesting to observe the intangible electromagnetic wave!


(4) Barrier passing activity
Whereas we act as the research and propaganda ambassador of Cyberfair project, we would like to have a try to make students know electromagnetic wave in an interesting way. Therefore, we plan the barrier passing activity and design a small experiment to know the magneto-electric relationship and observe and measure the intangible electromagnetic wave and we also use the scratch program to design animation and arrange the interesting question-and-answer games. These students coming to pass the barriers have also left many wonderful afterthoughts and feedbacks on the barrier-passing cards, and we become more confident to play a role of propaganda ambassador well!

(5) The Achievements Presentation of Associations of our school
Lu Jiang Elementary School holds a very grand achievements presentation of associations at the end of each semester, when various associations can present their own features and learning outcomes and all school students can take this opportunity to appreciate the performances of associations or pay a visit to or hold activities in various stalls. Therefore, we take this opportunity to act as the propaganda ambassadors of achievements presentation and apply to open stalls to spread the knowledge we have learned about electromagnetic wave and lead students to carry out some relevant activities.

4. What has been the impact of your project on your community?


(1) Impact on us:
During the period of participating in Cyberfair project, in addition to the collection of data, we need also recognize the useful information in numerous articles and generalize the key points we want to display. It is the brand new experience and challenge to have the interview, make the presentation in classroom, act as announcer and design the barrier passing activity during the process. Therefore, we need to learn to manage our own time, discuss and communicate with our partners and try various methods to complete the task, so as to completely motivate us to face the difficulties with the more active learning attitude! After we have reviewed the previous struggle news, we begin to know that there are lots of park green spaces and parking lots in Luzhou, which are the achievements obtained by predecessors and make us treasure the current environment more! Thanks to our participation in research activities, we will hold a more objective attitude and no longer feel scared when we pass a high voltage transformer station or see the relevant news.


(2) Impact on the local:
The theme of this research is “electromagnetic wave”. We have found that students universally have an insufficient relevant knowledge and school curriculums also lack such contents. As a result, the media easily influences people. We try our best to propagandize the relevant knowledge and hope to establish students’ correct concepts and make everyone know the hard-earned environment in Luzhou. Nowadays, there are still several electrical towers next to residents’ residence in Luzhou. We hope that Luzhou can become a demonstration area with lower electromagnetic wave someday in the future and we also hope that there will be more publicity measures or constructions to build the first “electromagnetic wave education center” so that we can have a better understanding of electromagnetic wave!

5. Intellectual Property Rights

(1) Writing contents:
The words and contents in the website are compiled by our team member personally. The interview contents are quoted in the website of Cyberfair project after the permission is gained from interviewees. The sources or relevant websites have been given for the quoted relevant data to protect the rights of original authors.
(2) Pictures:
As for pictures, the pictures used in the website are mostly taken or drawn by teachers or students personally and notes have been attached to give the sources of quoted contents.

6. How did your project involve other members of your community as helpers and volunteers?
For the smooth completion of Cyberfair project, we would like to thank the following personnel:
(1) Thank Representative Yueh-e Li Weng for dictating how they protest to build extra high voltage transformer station and the process of fighting for the underground of high voltage electrical towers.
(2) Thank Mr. Cheng-chang Chiu, the Chief of Luzhou Service Center, Taiwan Power Company for guiding us to learn the knowledge related to electromagnetic wave as well as the opinions of electrical towers and transformer station.
(3) Thank Class Tutor Teacher Chiu-yun Chi, Teacher Yi-chuan Tsai, Teacher Te-chang Sun, Teacher Po-ju Hou, Teacher Feng-chin Tsai, and Teacher Chin-tsai Li for their coordination with this Cyberfair project, thus students can use the morning self-study class and lunch break time to complete this Cyberfair project.
(4) Thank Principal Chun-sheng Chen of Lu Jiang Elementary School for his support and encouragement of this research, Director Li-chen Lu, Supervisor Ming-gui Tsai and other teachers for their help to deal with many administrative affairs and solve with the information problems. We also would like to thank all the teachers and students of Lu Jiang Elementary School and other administrative groups for their support and help in all the activities.


7. Discoveries, Lessons, and Surprises

(1) Our biggest discovery: the network is inundated with various information including the comments and opinions of experts and scholars and unverified rumors. As for the opinions of electromagnetic wave, some people hold that electromagnetic wave conforms to the standards and it is safe, while some people hold that it may cause cancer and should be prevented. At the very start, we feel doubtful for these diversified ideas and we don’t know who should be believed. However, the collected data and interview results gradually make us clarify the concepts and build up our own opinions of electromagnetic wave.


(2) Our biggest lesson: the biggest difficulty we meet in this Cyberfair project is the research direction to be planned. At the beginning, we intend to begin with the transformer station protest event in Luzhou, we find that we cannot merely pursue the previous news footprint and we should also research the related issues. When we begin to think about and explore the thoughts, we find that it is a very extensive issue ranging from electrical towers, transformer stations, electromagnetic wave, extremely low frequency electromagnetic wave, radio frequency electromagnetic wave, etc. The contents in each theme can be deep and extensive. After several discussions, we can confirm our research direction. Besides, many of our team members usually participate in the activities of other associations and our assembly will be affected by the routine contests in these associations even if we have communicated and discussed the assembly time in advance. Therefore, the contacts between classmates are very important and they should take an active part in the activities to keep pace with the progress of Cyberfair project activities.


(3) Our biggest surprise: in the past, we thought that electrical towers and utility box must be the facilities affecting physical health. Mobile phone and base station will also make us suffer from cancer. However, after reading the literature of WHO, we begin to know that these are all undecided evidences. When we feel that electromagnetic wave is harmless, our teacher leads us to survey the transformer stations and electrical towers in Luzhou. Standing next to these facilities, we can hear the sound of squeak made by electrical tower in the light rain, which frightens us again. Surprisingly, these residents always live the life under such pressure! How should we face these facilities? In our opinions, there must be no standard answers, but we should still provide correct information for students and community residents to make the most suitable choice in their own hearts.

8. Project Contributions




Chin-chen Lin
Yu-tung Cheng
Ssu-chi Li
Yu-an Chien
Hsuan-ying Li
Yu-hsuan Lin
Pin-han Liao
Ya-han Hsieh
Chieh-yun Lin
Sheng-tang Chan

◎ Collection and summarization of data
◎ Integrating written data
◎ Writing research progress reports
◎ Making the presentation
◎ Making a presentation in each class
◎ Drawing up the interview items
◎ Having an interview
◎ Recording interview contents
◎ Typing the interview script
◎ Drawing up broadcast script and acting as announcers
◎ Designing barrier passing activity
◎ Arranging the place for barriers passing and navigate it
◎ Web page making 
◎ Questionnaire making and statistics
◎ Drawing webpage cover and illustrations
◎ Editing webpage photos


Teacher Chao-yang Chu
Teacher Chiu-yun Chi
Teacher Li-ming Chen

◎ Discussing and revising the direction of Cyberfair project
◎ Assisting in enrollment
◎ Analyzing the procedure of the project and providing guidance through the project
◎ Contacting with relevant units and interviewees
◎ Guiding announcers in intonation and tone
◎ Guiding the distribution of responsibilities among the team members
◎ Planning and arranging administrative procedures
◎ Providing courses of relevant knowledge
◎ Taking pictures, making videos, and recording
◎ Making learning sheets of various activities
◎ Guiding, reviewing, and correcting the production of the website
◎ Assistance of computer skills
◎ Leading the students to the location of interviews and promotion
◎ Information equipment and technical support


Community residents

◎Interview with Mr. Cheng-chang Chiu, the Chief of Luzhou Service Center, Taiwan Power Company
◎ Interview with Yueh-e Li Weng, the City Councilor


Principal Chun-sheng Chen
Director Li-chen Lu
Supervisor Ming-gui Tsai
The faculty

◎ Processing administrative affairs
◎ Website technical guidance and information equipment, facilities, and technical support
◎ Consulting for project direction and content
◎ Assistance and coordination in all promotional activities