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Gratitude and Blessing

Encountering many setbacks during my preliminary period in this team, I did not actively participate in Cyberfair Project and even wanted to drop out. But affected by my partners carefully writing articles, I thought to myself that I should hold on with great efforts since everyone was in dead earnest. The ancients said, “Setbacks constitute an integral part of growth”. If you can get through a setback, you will be stronger in front of next one. Therefore, do not give up easily. In despite of many difficulties and tight schedule, the schedule for Cyberfair Project was once delayed. However, after our efforts, we have gradually completed the tasks delayed. Such process enables us to learn the ways to solve problems and take responsibility for ourselves, which cannot be learnt in the class and make me feel that it is worthwhile to participate in Cyberfair Project! I appreciate the students who have helped and supported me all the way. Thanks to their assistance, we have made such great achievements. In addition, I want to extend my gratitude to the teachers who have sincerely provided guidance and made us experience a more fulfilling period. At the sight of the webpage completed with concerted efforts, I have felt a strong sense of achievement. I hope we can contiguously strive for our goal!


When I first joined Cyberfair Project, I was confused and didn’t know what to do. Now, the moments when we typed weblogs, the expressions when we organized barrier passing activity, and the laughers when we sang have become memories. I want to extend my gratitude to the advisers (Teacher Chao-yang Chu, Teacher Chiu-yun Chi, Teacher Li-ming Chen) for their understanding, for I was not good at writing weblogs and always failed to submit those materials. Due to their correction and encouragement, I was able to turn over a new leaf. Prior to each interview, teachers would require us to make good preparation and get familiar with the questions. Due to Cyberfair Project, I can meet political figures. On campus, in addition to the discussion about weblogs, we have experienced reporting, barrier passing activity, promotion in morning exercise, static works achievement, and so on. We have understood electromagnetic waves and made the students more familiar with electromagnetic waves. During each activity, the teachers always took photographs of us, so we have sufficient and complete data and photos. In order to realize good results, we have completed many challenging tasks with concerted efforts. The most impressive one is barrier passing. Although the students in Grade 5 sometimes laughed at us, we came through in the end. Additionally, through Cyberfair Project, I have learnt interview skills, improved writing skills, and sang adapted Totoro. I will not forget these months after graduation. I hope our website can realize good achievements!


Cyberfair Project is going to come to an end. When I first joined Cyberfair Project, I knew nothing, held doubt about electromagnetic waves, and even wanted to give up. In addition, we have encountered many setbacks. However, we have overcome such difficulties and realized present accomplishment. Just as the ancients said, “The fruit tastes best after all the bitterness along the journey.”

I want to extend my gratitude to Teacher Chiu-yun Chi, Teacher Chao-yang Chu, and Teacher Li-ming Chen understanding and forgiving us when we failed to submit weblogs, came late, left weblogs half done, and made other mistakes. They were always urging and encouraging us to perform better without any blame or regret, which has made our literary attainment better with each passing day. We have organized many activities on campus, including report making, barrier passing, promotion in exercise morning, interviews with relevant personnel of Taiwan Power Company and Ms. Yueh-e Li Weng, the City Councilor, and so on. Through these activities, we can better understand electromagnetic waves, and the students in Lu Jiang Elementary School can have a comprehensive understanding of omnipresent electromagnetic waves. I feel a strong sense of achievement, and I will not forget those experiences and moments after graduation. During the process, I have also learnt interview skills, methods to determine interview questions, and so on. At last, I hope that our efforts can pay off and we can achieve a good result.


I am honored to participate in Cyberfair Project. In the process, I have met a lot of friends and felt very happy! In addition, I can learn some computer programs, improve writing skills, increase typing speed, and enhance my willpower. I want to extend my gratitude to my class tutor who has recommended me to participate in Cyberfair Project. In addition, I appreciate my families for their support. Although I often made the teachers angry, but they would resist anger and patiently told me what to do next. Although a large amount of my weblogs had been returned, our advisors were still very kind. After all, I led to many troubles. At last, I want to thank all those who have helped me. In addition, I have learnt a lot of knowledge from Cyberfair Project!

How time flies! Cyberfair Project is going to come to an end. During the practice of just a few months, I have improved my skills to write articles, edit files, and inquire data as well as increased my typing speed. All the things I have learnt are attributed to the advisors (Teacher Chao-yang Chu, Teacher Chiu-yun Chi, and Teacher Li-ming Chen) who have required us to complete the weblogs and prepare for the interview. Before each interview, Teacher Chao-yang Chu would require us to make preparations and correct our learning attitude so as not to make an exhibition of ourselves. In our familiar school, we have made use of the resources in our school and planned many interesting activities, for example reporting in classrooms, barrier passing activity, morning exercise… Through these activities, I have learnt many expression skills and made students learn a lot of knowledge about electromagnetic waves. I want to thank Ms. Yueh-e Li Weng, the City Councilor and Mr. Cheng-chang Chiu, the Chief of Luzhou Service Center, Taiwan Power Company who have provided us content for webpage making. Due to their assistance, we have adequate and complete materials and photos. As the saying goes, “In unity there is strength”. One alone cannot accomplish this difficult task, and we must make concerted efforts. Finally, we want to sincerely appreciate the advisors, my partners, and those who have helped us. Let us successfully complete this Cyberfair Project.     


Cyberfair Project is going to come to an end. From the beginning to now, I and everyone have experienced many difficult things and activities, although the processes are not as smooth as I imagined. I want to extend my gratitude to the teachers, partners, and families spending tough days with us. Speaking of our advisors, I think everyone would say, “The teachers are clocks giving us reminders. Every time we lacked inspiration in weblogs or articles, the teachers would urge us and provide us precious suggestions. They are our reliable backers, for they always helped us out when we were in great need or gave us hands when we ran into troubles. Therefore, due to the assistance of these three teachers, the process from the beginning to now is so smooth. I also want to thank all the team members sharing weal and woe with me. Due to their contributions and efforts, I can learn a lot of different things from the team. Although I haven’t contributed too much, I have gotten a lot of wonderful memories from the team full of sweets and bitters just because of the team members. At last, thanks for nice Lu Jiang Elementary School which motivates me to make good performance.


It has been half a semester since we joined the club. Being strangers at first, we have supported and encouraged each other. I am very glad that I have participated in the activity. Through the activity, I have gained much experience that cannot be accumulated from daily life, such as report making, off-campus interviews, and public reporting. Through these processes, I have gained a lot of experience and thoughts. Regardless of multiple failures and setbacks along the way, the lessons arising therefrom enable us to create better works, for failure is the mother of success. The previous setbacks have become great driving force to create successful works. I will never forget the presentations and promotion activities that we made with concerted efforts. I want to extend my gratitude to the advisors who helped me improve my writing skills and accompanied us along the way! Finally, I hope our webpage can satisfy the standards of the judges and we can realize the expectation!


After the work of half a semester, this Cyberfair Project is going to come to an end. In retrospect, the beginning was quite different and special. At first, Teacher Ming-gui Tsai asked me whether I wanted to participate in Cyberfair Project at lunch time, and I couldn’t quite believe it. After participation, I found that my writing skills had been improved. Maybe it is because Teacher Chao-yang Chu urged me to write weblogs every day. Afterwards, being responsible for broadcasting, I visited Teacher Chiu-yun Chi for practice, and he taught me to master broadcasting skills and speak with emotion; I met Teacher Li-ming Chen again during the promotion in the classroom, and he always encouraged me at right time; without the key figure in Cyberfair Project, Teacher Ming-gui Tsai from Lu Jiang Elementary School, we cannot make such achievement; I also want to extend my gratitude to Mr. Cheng-chang Chiu, the Chief of Luzhou Service Center, Taiwan Power Company and Ms. Yueh-e Li Weng, the City Councilor who helped us learn information about electric towers, transformer stations, and electromagnetic waves; in addition, thanks for the members of Cyberfair Project for accompanying me for the half a semester during various activities, such as the broadcast at lunch time and the promotion in morning exercise. At last, thanks for the sponsor of Cyberfair Project, and we have created such achievement because of you. Again, thank all of you.


I was surprised when I was chosen to join the team of Cyberfair Project by Teacher Ming-gui Tsai, for I had no idea of such activity, nor the activity content. Afterwards, the teachers assigned the first task whose theme is to find out the common points of webpages for previous Cyberfair Project. After the determination of the subject, our tasks came one after another, including visiting websites about electromagnetic waves, referring to materials about electromagnetic waves, and report making and presentation. In order to understand former resistance against aboveground electric towers, we personally visited Ms. Yueh-e Li Weng, the City Councilor. To further understand electromagnetic waves, we visited and interviewed Mr. Cheng-chang Chiu, the Chief of Luzhou Service Center, Taiwan Power Company. Through the two interviews, I have found some contradictory views, especially for the opinion about the detriments of electromagnetic waves to human body. At last, to make the students have a better understanding of electromagnetic waves, we were divided into groups to conduct promotion activities. The members of Cyberfair Project took respective responsibilities for presentations in classrooms (reporting in the classrooms in Grade 6 during morning self-study), promotion during morning exercise (playing at flag-raising ceremony), barrier passing activity (inviting the students in Grade 5 to pass barriers at the library), etc. Through the aforesaid information about electromagnetic waves, report making, and group activities, I have learnt how to collate data, make report, and present the collated materials and further understood electromagnetic waves. I want to extend my gratitude to Teacher Chao-yang Chu, Teacher Chiu-yun Chi, Teacher Li-ming Chen, and Teacher Ming-gui Tsai who allowed us to participate in these activities together. Especially, Teacher Chao-yang Chu has taught me to use Inkscape (mapping software), thus I have developed another computer skill. During these activities, I have reaped great benefits and gained the most wonderful memory prior to my graduation from elementary school.



I want to express my gratitude for Teacher Chiu-yun Chi and Teacher Li-ming Chen who have guided us how to do things better and helped us complete barrier passing, interview, and other activities. I also want to thank Teacher Chao-yang Chu, for he patiently told me how to correct my weblogs despite my unsatisfactory performance. I really appreciate the guidance from the advisors. I hope to make progress in weblogs so as not to fall short of the advisors’ expectation. In addition, thank my partners for their consistent companionship which has motivated me to hold on. During this period, everyone has completed a lot of work with concerted efforts, for which I will graduate with an unforgettable memory.

Final Appreciation:
Due to Cyberfair Project, we can meet new friends, gain new knowledge, and learn how to solve difficulties. All those are attributed to our advisors, teachers at different offices, the teachers maintaining order for us during promotion, and our class tutors. We also want to extend our gratitude to Director Wu, Ms. Yueh-e Li Weng, the City Councilor, and Mr. Cheng-chang Chiu, the Chief of Luzhou Service Center, Taiwan Power Company for the acceptance of our interview. Thanks to everyone, we have smoothly made a webpage. We first thought we would to stare at the computers and type articles in haste through the day, but we later realized the time for outdoor activities was much longer than typing! Actually, we have experienced a fulfilling life each day due to the teachers responsible for Cyberfair Project.