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In the first place, Teacher Ming-gui Tsai asked me whether I was interested in 2017 Cyberfair Project on the behalf of Lu Jiang Elementary School, and of course, I said yes and joined the team of Cyberfair Project. This is an opportunity to enrich my knowledge and common sense about the subject and win honor for our school. Being informed of the subject, we have gradually searched reports and knowledge about respective sections and acquired a deeper understanding. Originally being strangers from different classes, we have made concerted efforts and completed various large-scale activities, during which we have become partners who help each other. Through this team, I have actually learnt much new knowledge and experienced various activities, for which I feel a strong sense of achievement. In despite of occasional failures, we can achieve better results as long as we draw lessons from these failures, for failure is the mother of success. 



Through the participation in Cyberfair Project, we cannot only learn knowledge other than textbook knowledge but also train our writing skills. Indeed, two birds have been killed with one stone. As there is such good learning opportunity, I must seize the moment. In addition, the class tutor wanted me to participate in Cyberfair Project at that time, and I was very excited about it! I had heard that many seniors dying for such Cyberfair Project missed the boat for busy schedules. Having participated in Cyberfair Project, I must know what Cyberfair Project is, so I have appreciated the excellent works for previous Cyberfair Projects. After careful reading, I think the works are characterized by interesting content and clear description. 



When I first joined Cyberfair Project, I was very unfamiliar with such activity. However, with the lapse of time, I have better understood the purpose of Cyberfair Project and the term, “Cyberfair Project”. From my perspective, Cyberfair Project enables me to acquire new knowledge and improve my writing skills. In addition, after the participation into Cyberfair Project, I have made acquaintances with many friends. Thanks to Cyberfair Project, I have enjoyed so many benefits.




Through Cyberfair Project, I cannot only meet new friends and learn some knowledge in advance. Indeed, two friends have been killed with one stone. The knowledge acquired from Cyberfair Project is too much to be filled in the Treasure Pocket of Doraemon. I just want to say that it is so lucky for me to participate in Cyberfair Project. In despite of some problems, we have learnt how to solve problems and experienced joy amidst sorrow! Hahaha!  



After we have become more familiar with the work schedule of Cyberfair Project, we began to engage in many activities in person, such as the interviews with Ms. Yueh-e Li Weng, the City Councilor, and Mr. Cheng-chang Chiu, the Chief of Luzhou Service Center, Taiwan Power Company, designing of question profile, promotion of electromagnetic waves to students in Grade 6 through reporting in respective classrooms, being checkers and inviting the students in Grade 5 to participate in barrier passing activity. I will never forget those activities we have completed one by one. Through those activities, I have better understood electromagnetic waves, made more friends, and even prepared for subsequent nature course. It can be said that multiple birds have been killed with only one stone. I hope to continuously enrich my literary attainments and explore my potentials. In despite of potential difficulties, it can also test whether we are able to find the solutions. At last, I wish a better Cyberfair Project.




Through this Cyberfair Project, I have learnt much knowledge of electromagnetic waves and realized that electromagnetic waves are not so dreadful. During the period from Grade 1 to Grade 5, electromagnetic waves scared me to death. However, after the participation in Cyberfair Project, I have further understood electromagnetic waves and felt no fear any more. During this activity, I have made many new friends and have a better understanding of electromagnetic waves. 




In my opinion, Cyberfair Project is not just an experience but also an inheritance to previous seniors. Our subject this time is electromagnetic waves. In terms of the reason for my participation, I like research and discussion with others, for it can make me happy. I initially thought Cyberfair Project was very easy, but later I realized Cyberfair Project required a lot of time and efforts. However, at the sight of the records typed by us, I felt a sense of achievement. In addition, since we have to type reports every day, we can type much faster now. All the benefits arise from Cyberfair Project. In despite of little time, we have spent much time on Cyberfair Project. I hope we can create an outstanding webpage to win honors for our school. Cheer up!  




On the recommendation of my teacher, I joined the team of Cyberfair Project! Lacking the understanding of Cyberfair Project at first, I have formally joined the team and further understood “Electromagnetic Waves”. Through Cyberfair Project, I have gotten the opportunity to know electric tower and utility box, interview Ms. Yueh-e Li Weng, the City Councilor and Mr. Cheng-chang Chiu, the Chief of Luzhou Service Center, Taiwan Power Company, and organize barrier passing activity so as to make all the students have a knowledge of electromagnetic waves. From this process, we have enjoyed the greatest rewards and experienced the greatest growth. From my perspective, each of us is a caterpillar while Cyberfair Project is a luxuriant three, we are going to be one beautiful butterfly someday as long as we gnaw the leaves with great efforts.  




It is my honor that my teacher chose me to participate in Cyberfair Project. During the preliminary period, the biggest headache for me was to type weblogs, for I loathe writing articles. However, with the lapse of time, I found that Cyberfair Project was not as easy as I had imagined. In particular, the most impressive activity for me is to make reports. Although it is a familiar name, doing it is another story and I almost went crazy. The point is that we had to bring self-made reports to other classes and explain them. It was challenging and complicated, but my partners and I completed it smoothly. I have learnt different experience and gained many rewards. Regardless of the difficulties during Cyberfair Project, I have completed many tasks with my partners. Cyberfair Project is just like a battlefield, and I hope we can make it to the end.




We conducted the first interview on October 19, 2016, during which we went to the office of Ms. Yueh-e Li Weng, the City Councilor, and asked him some questions about Luzhou electric towers. It ended up with a success; for the second interview, we visited Mr. Cheng-chang Chiu, the Chief of Luzhou Service Center, Taiwan Power Company, Director Wu, and another working staff on November 2, 2016. With the experience gained from last interview, this interview was smoother. After joining Cyberfair Project, I have improved my writing skills and learnt a lot of knowledge about electromagnetic waves. I would like to extend my gratitude to the teachers, the working staff of Taiwan Power Company, and Ms. Yueh-e Li Weng, the City Councilor for so much knowledge I have learnt.