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Introduction of the team

The first personnel from the left: Teacher Chiu-yun Chi
The second personnel from the left: Teacher Chao-yang Chu
The third personnel from the left: Teacher Li-ming Chen


Hello, everyone! We are the advisors for this Cyberfair Project, Teacher Chao-yang Chu, Teacher Chiu-yun Chi, and Teacher Li-ming Chen. Cyberfair Project has been prevalent in Lu Jiang Elementary School, and we have been trying to seek local culture or information in Luzhou. With our common efforts, we have found that electromagnetic waves in our life are slight but powerful. We thought we knew them, but we actually know nothing at all. There will be many unknown challenges ahead of us in leading students to explore the knowledge about electromagnetic waves. We hope we can know, understand, and coexist with them after research.



Hello, I'm Yu-an Chien, a student in Grade 6. I like watching TV, and sometimes I also read magazines and newspapers. After this Cyberfair Project, I have been aware of some progress in writing and typing. In addition, I have gotten a wonderful memory prior to my graduation.


Hello, I am Dean Lee. I am in sixth grade in Lu Jiang Elementary School. I enjoy reading and listening to music in my free time. I am also interested in NXT LEGO robots. This is my first time to participate in the Internet Fair. The topic of our study is about the electromagnetic waves. During the researches, we measured the intensity of electromagnetic waves through the instrument, and realized that the electromagnetic waves within our common household appliances are not as terrible as what we imagined before. Therefore, people don’t need to be afraid of them. We also know through interviews that how Luzhou residents defended their living qualities because of the construction of ultra-high voltage substation a few years ago. In addition, Mr. Chiu, the section manager of Taipower, told us how to protect ourselves from the affections of electromagnetic waves. I’ve gained a lot through the researches and these experiences have expanded my knowledge and enriched my life!



Hello, everyone! I am Hsuan-ying Li, a member of 2017 Cyberfair Project. All the teachers and fellows participating in Cyberfair Project have spared no effort and complete their own missions. There are laughers, tears, successes, and setbacks along the way, but we have “united wholeheartedly and completed difficulties” to make the most interesting and impressive webpage!



I am Pin-han Liao, an ordinary and carefree child at the age of 12. Since participation in Cyberfair Project, we have lived a life as busy as office workers. It is actually not so busy, and I am just exaggerating. In despite of the busy moments from time to time, I have founded that my writing kills have been improved after Cyberfair Project, and I have also met some new friends. It can be said that a stone kills two birds! 


Hello, everyone! My name is Yu-hsuan Lin, and I am a stress-free and carefree student in Grade 6 in Lu Jiang Elementary School. I am 12 years old, and my star sign is Cancer. After the encouragement by the teachers, I joined Cyberfair Project. During Cyberfair Project, every member has made continuous efforts for the team. I have also kept trying to make each works surpass the teachers. I have been thinking about how to be Number One in the world and march towards Platinum Award so as to get an impressive and unforgettable memory about my final year of elementary school.


Hi, everyone! My name is Chieh-yun Lin. I was born on July 5, 2005 and I am 11 and half years old now. My blood is type “O”, and my star sign is Cancer. My weight …. (it is needless to say). I have come to Cyberfair Project to broaden my horizon. As expected, I have learnt some knowledge about electromagnetic waves, and I look forward to winning many awards. Therefore, our efforts can pay off.



Hello, everyone! I'm Ya-han Hsieh. I am an imaginative but sentimental student in Grade 6. Through this Cyberfair project - Electromagnetic Waves, we have made everyone to attach importance to surrounding environment and protect the natural treasure which has not come easily.



Hello, everyone! I am Sheng-tang Chan, a member of 2017 Cyberfair Project. Now the project is nearing its end, and we have almost finished our webpage. We have also begun to make final preparations, and I hope we can win “Platinum Award”. If the dream comes true, I must be touched to tears, and this would be the rosiest memory in my elementary school.


Hello, everyone! My name is “Yu-tung Cheng”, and I have a funny nickname, “Plant Taro”. As you can see from my nickname, I am active, outspoken, optimistic, and meddlesome. I remember when I first joined Cyberfair Project, I was terribly busy! Actually, I have participated in many different clubs and activities, and I require a lot of time to understand many things. Therefore, within the team for Cyberfair Project requiring high “intelligence”, I appeared to be very weak in the first place. But we have made it to the end together. I have established a deep friendship with my team members and improved many skills. In addition, through this activity, I have gained a different impression and memory in my final year in elementary school.



Hello, everyone! I am Chin-chen Lin. Since joining the team, I have improved many different skills, such as writing, typing, interview, as well as search and analysis of relevant information. In addition, I have understood “electromagnetic waves” more comprehensively and learned a lot! My partners, the teachers, and I have prepared the Cyberfair Project carefully and seriously. I hope we can achieve the goal!