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Endless Chaos


Envision and Expectation

Just like air, electromagnetic waves are omnipresent in our life, so we have nowhere to escape. However, we must understand that electromagnetic waves in the natural environment do not necessarily come from artificial technologies and sunlight, ultraviolet, ultraviolet light, etc. also pertain to electromagnetic waves; but only excessive electromagnetic waves constitute the major factor harmful to human body. Therefore, from interviews and actual measurement, we should keep proper distance from the items emitting strong electromagnetic waves as much as possible to avoid the influences of excessive electromagnetic waves. Meanwhile, electromagnetic waves may be weakened due to the influences of distance and surrounding items. For example, the intensity of electromagnetic waves is inversely proportional to the square of a distance. Namely, if the distance is doubled, the intensity of electromagnetic waves will be weakened to one fourth of the original intensity; if the distance is increased threefold, the intensity will be weakened to one ninth of the original intensity. Therefore, in face of the items emitting electromagnetic waves, we do not have to feel panic but just let it be.

In recent years, Luzhou District has implemented widespread system of underground electric towers and transformed former electric towers into parking lots based on previous experience, which actually changes our view that the use value of electric tower lands is low and provides convenience in space usage for crowded cities. Alternatively, they have been rebuilt into urban parks and greenbelts, transforming cold and vision-blocking high voltage towers into places for leisure and sports as well as displaying distinctive urban appearance and landscape. In addition, after the implementation of underground system of electric towers due to the value of modern people on leisure activities and governmental promotion of low-carbon city, Luzhou City has transformed the idle space into places to lease and store YouBikes, diversifying land functions and conforming to the requirements for environmental protection. Therefore, two birds have been killed with one stone.


With the demolition and relocation of high voltage towers and transformer stations, we have seen relevant information in subsequent government bulletins and news articles, such as “Development of Surrounding Land”, “Improving Value of Land Using”, and other key words. We have even seen such sentences, “added values and benefits created from this process exceed the expenses for the purchase of public utility lands and conforms to the demand for comprehensive urban development.” Therefore, being affected by urban rapid development, Luzhou District should make sustainable and effective use of idle lands when an inch of land values an inch of gold to improve the whole economic performance. This is a matter deserving exploration and consideration.





Better Future  


if high voltage towers have been relocated underground, there must be an empty land which can be used as greenbelts or sports space, such as basketball court, football field, baseball field, and the like. Anyway, anything is advisable as long as residents will not make protest like before. If we make good use of the idle space, Luzhou City can enjoy the benefits. For example, we can build a small laboratory where the knowledge about electromagnetic waves is vivid displayed and experiments about electricity and magnetism are operated so as to make the public further understand electromagnetic waves. At that time, there may be another scenic spot in Luzhou City.



The citizens residing near the electric towers hold that “what remains unseen is deemed to be clean”. Therefore, they think it is safe as long as they do not see any electric towers. Since they have decided to relocate electric towers underground, the government cannot turn deaf ears to but follow such request. At present, there are only few electric towers on the ground. However, can the electromagnetic wave value be really decreased after the underground of the electric towers? This should be an issue to be investigated by Taiwan Power Company. As for these idle lands obtained following the underground, the government can build one crystal museum where the knowledge related to electromagnetic waves is promoted and the floor under our feet is made transparent so that everyone can see what the underground electric towers are like.



Luzhou was a small town with dozens of high voltage towers. But after the protest by Luzhou residents, they have been relocated underground in succession. The idle lands have been transformed into parks as entertainment venues for residents. Those flowers and grasses have invigorated the idle lands, and Luzhou Nicaragua Park is the best proof of this point. In addition to parks, what can the idle lands be used for? I think we can use them as parking lots to ease traffic flow and solve parking problems in Taipei. In despite of the underground, some protestors deem it as inappropriate. Therefore, I think the government should actively promote electromagnetic waves and make the public understand relevant knowledge and feel no misgivings. Additionally, I look forward to the early acceptance of electromagnetic waves by Luzhou residents.



Protests against electromagnetic waves once occurred in many places in Taiwan. If the electric towers are relocated underground, the idle lands can be transformed into parks, parking lots, or other infrastructure facilities. In my opinion, many people feel safer when they will not see electric towers and transformer stations, so they have demanded for underground system. However, this may not reduce the influence on human body. I hope more countermeasures can be developed for this issue in Taiwan. For example, relevant courses can be added to make adults and children have a deeper knowledge and understanding of electromagnetic waves and feel no fear any more. I also hope the government or civil society organizations can actively promote relevant knowledge, so everyone can comprehensively understand electromagnetic waves.



There have been many high voltage towers in Luzhou District for ages. Local residents have been hoping to remove and relocate electric towers underground. Underground system can beautify the city and spare more lands for use. If we build parks on these lands, more green lands will exist in the city, and local residents can enjoy leisure and recreation on these activity spaces. At present, many electric towers in Luzhou remain to be relocated underground, such as those in Sec. 2, Yong’an S. Rd. I hope the government can implement more underground projects to realize a comprehensive underground of electric towers in Luzhou District.



After a comprehensive underground of electric towers is implemented in Luzhou, there will be less protest from the public but more lands in Luzhou. I hope one classroom can be constructed on the idle lands for the promotion of electromagnetic waves. I also hope those underground cables can be covered with metallic materials to reduce the emission of electromagnetic waves, thus corresponding protest can be reduced. I hope Luzhou will be a green city free of electric towers just like the electromagnetic planet as we have envisioned. Without electric towers, Luzhou will enjoy better living quality and environment.



I hope that an instrument can be installed on the electric towers to absorb electromagnetic waves in future Luzhou, so electromagnetic waves will cause no damage to local residents. As for utility boxes, I hope they can be more pleasing to the eyes, and even competitions to color utility boxes can be held. Therefore, they will not terrify the public any more. In fact, electricity and electromagnetic waves are omnipresent, so I hope the residents in Luzhou can lessen usage time or keep proper distance, otherwise people from electromagnetic planet will trouble them. Once I grow up to be a scientist, I will certainly invent something to get electromagnetic waves under control so as to reassure the public. In fact, electromagnetic waves are not horrifying but indispensable for our life, so I hope Luzhou residents will accept them.



Today, the teachers have told us the materials about Luzhou’s underground system of electric towers. In my opinion, the electric towers in Luzhou seem to be in a mess and always make strange sounds in winter. After the underground, the city will certainly be more beautiful. I have often heard of homeless people from news, so I think one apartment can be built on the idle lands for the homeless. In addition, the citizens will not take to the streets to protest. Consequently, a harmonious Luzhou can come true!


 After the long-term protest from the public, Taiwan Power Company has finally relocated the electric towers underground! Although we can still see some electric towers on the streets, the quantity has been obviously reduced. However, I think many citizens still lack the understanding of electromagnetic waves. Therefore, I really hope that the government can make more efforts in the promotion of electromagnetic waves, but it is really hard to make everyone understand such things. Accordingly, few people have promoted electromagnetic waves whether in the past or at present. It is considerable to promote electromagnetic waves on the idle lands obtained after the relocation of electric towers. Nevertheless, the biggest problem is that such lands may be used by real estate developers to construct buildings, and such promotion may not attract attention from the public for lack of great advantages. Due to great potential risks, the government should formulate plans with care. Lastly, we residing near the electric towers should concern about the real-time change of electric towers. The reality may be worse than expected, but we, neighbors of electric towers, must figure out better methods to protect our home.