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Electromagnetic waves, something very familiar to us, have followed us like shadows. However, they actually contain deadly energy; I think most of us may not believe the fact, but we have begun to notice “electromagnetic waves” after hearing so much relevant news. After the collation of relevant news, we have gotten a deeper understanding of electromagnetic waves. According to the reports, electric cables run in the air besides housing buildings, and citizens may be particularly sensitive to exceedingly strong electromagnetic waves when high-voltage cables emit those of extremely low frequency. Such symptom is called as “Electromagnetic Wave Hypersensitivity” which is characterized by dizziness, tinnitus, nausea, fatigue, blurred vision, insomnia and other symptoms, and such circumstances have mostly happened to the citizens residing near the electric towers. In order to prevent the harms caused by electromagnetic waves, some residents have tried to sleep with aluminum cases on their heads and paste aluminum foil paper on all the doors and windows. But the effects are limited, and many residents have been forced to move away from their original houses. Being aware of tinnitus and headaches haunting the citizens residing near the electric towers, the government has not formulated and implemented protective measures. The victims have to take to the streets in protest to maintain healthy and to minimize the influences of electromagnetic waves on their families and neighbors. In addition, they have referred to relevant foreign reports, held press conferences and public hearings, and established TEPCA. Unfortunately, such protest has been exposed to criticisms and attacks, but to no avail. Those suffering from electromagnetic waves are the most innocent victims.


At the sight of such fact, we could not help but feel resentful for the victims. However, after former field visits and the responses from some experts, we have cleared up our confusion. We have found that it remains to be discussed whether electromagnetic waves cause direct damages to the public. Although diseases caused by electromagnetic waves have emerged one after another, the electromagnetic wave values measured in the surroundings only range from 20 mG to 30 mG. But the international standard value set by WHO (833 Mg) certainly means more harm to human body. According to the news, although the values measured in the victims’ houses only range 10 mG to 20 mG, those suffering from suspicious dizziness and headaches at home do not feel such symptoms any more after their departure from the electric towers! Do electromagnetic waves actually cause damage to human body? During our interview with Mr. Cheng-chang Chiu, the Chief of Luzhou Service Center, Taiwan Power Company, he said, “Without any protective measures, the staffs of Taiwan Power Company have to work in the environment with 4300 mG electromagnetic waves every day and feel no discomfort.” In fact, WHO can only prove that short-term exposure to strong low-frequency electromagnetic field is detrimental to human health. However, there is insufficient evidence to prove that electromagnetic waves cause cancer, for many cases relevant to electromagnetic waves fail to specifically indicate the direct relation between electromagnetic waves and human health. Institute for Cancer Research affiliated with WHO can only classify electromagnetic waves under “possibly carcinogenic to humans” and “failing to be generalized to carcinogenic factor”, which demonstrates limited or adequate evidences for the relation between electromagnetic waves and cancer. For lack of knowledge about electromagnetic waves, the public feels severe panic. As a research group, we have figured out some countermeasures to solve the problem.


For example, citizens should cautiously select the location of future houses, and the government should implement stricter checks, formulate stricter laws and regulations, and construct transformer stations quite far from residential quarters. If the matter cannot be resolved after these residents complain to the government or public representatives about these issues, local residents and households should urge the government to advance the implementation of underground projects. In addition, promotion is also of significance. If the radiant quantity of electromagnetic waves measured in the homes of those suffering from cancer exceeds the standard value, those residents should request the government to relocate them and clarify major causes for the diseases to reassure the families of the patients. In addition, Taiwan Power Company should construct base stations, transformer stations, and electric towers far away from residential quarters, only which can make the public feel assured. Through this in-depth research, we have known that indisposition and other symptoms can be relieved as long as some protective measures (those able to disturb magnetic field) are implemented. The most common preventive methods include the reduction of usage time and distance keeping, and such measures can lower the harm to human body. As for the misgivings in citizens unfamiliar with electromagnetic waves, the best solution is to strengthen relevant promotion. No matter the education is provided by the government or civil society organizations, the public can get an insight into electromagnetic waves and stop worrying. 

Left: Mr. Cheng-chang Chiu is introducing magnetometer to us.
Middle: Mr. Cheng-chang Chiu is explaining the use of magnetometer.
Right: We thank Mr. Cheng-chang Chiu and present him an award.