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Electric Wave War


Watching, Listening, and Thinking

1.Reading and writing

In order to make everyone know the knowledge relevant to electromagnetic waves as well as their detriments and benefits, we have successively organized “Reading and Writing”, “Barrier Passing”, “Static Works Exhibition”, and other activities.
As for the earliest reading and writing, the teachers set questions and listed worksheets and distributed them to students in Grade 5 and Grade 6, and then those students wrote down their opinions. According to their answers, some suppose that electromagnetic waves are beneficial and can bring convenience to daily life (such as mobile phone); some hold electromagnetic waves are detrimental and can damage biological cells. However, in fact, electromagnetic waves seem to be double-edged swords. They can make social communication smooth but cause cancer at the same time. Thus, it can be seen those students may not know the harms and benefits brought by electromagnetic waves.

Some students mention in the activity of Reading and Writing that electromagnetic waves will not cause too much harm.

Those are the answers given by students, and many of them sound brilliant.



Some hold doubts about electromagnetic waves while some only see the benefits of electromagnetic waves, so we organized “Barrier Passing Activity” later. The design of checkpoints, drawing of Secrets of Barrier Passing, and preparation of big-character poster all reflect our expectation of the students. We hope that they can understand the nature of electromagnetic waves more easily. Afterwards, we asked each participant to write their experiences on Secrets of Barrier Passing. After reading their afterthoughts, we found that students would get more knowledge of electromagnetic waves and more abundant afterthoughts and feedbacks through such activity.

Those are afterthoughts gained by students from Barrier Passing. It seems they have acquired deeper understanding of electromagnetic waves.



3.Static works exhibition

"Static Works Exhibition" was conducted on the fifth floor in the gymnasium. Most participants in the exhibition were students in intermediate and junior grades, so we cancelled Q&A session but introduced electricity, magnetism, and whereabouts of electromagnetic waves in more straightforward ways. Through questionnaires collected back from those participants, students have acquired a basic understanding of electromagnetic waves. However, their answers are not quite right. Maybe the exhibition is too short for them to understand our instructions, and this means we have to keep trying.

Those are worksheets completed by students in intermediate and junior grades after the static works exhibition. It is easy to make mistakes.


The aforesaid three activities aim to make the students on campus to further the understanding of electromagnetic waves. For those in different grades, different methods should be developed to improve efficiency. For example, “Reading and Writing” can enable the students in senior grades to read relevant articles and get some insight into electromagnetic waves. However, for students in intermediate and junior grades, only funny activities and simple instructions can make them comprehend relevant knowledge.