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Electromagnetic Illusion


Achievement Presentation

I. Preface and Objective:

Achievements are annually presented at the end of each term on the campus, and such activity is specially designed to make school clubs to promote main points and characteristics and enable students to know the information about each club. Prior to the activity, we had invited the 5th graders in each class to the library for promotion. However, hoping all the students in our school can better understand electromagnetic waves, we decided to invite students in junior and intermediate grades to participate in achievement presentation and understand the knowledge about electromagnetic waves together.


II. Instructions:
Due to the limited time for the presentation of club achievements, our main targets for this presentation are students in junior and intermediate grades. Being afraid that they are too young to understand the achievements, we have provided instructions with basic knowledge. The following are the main points of our instructions:

Magnetic Field Observer

1. The area which the magnetic force can reach is called as magnetic field.
2. Evenly sprinkle some iron powders around the magnet. Since a grain of iron powder is equivalent to one small magnetic needle, so magnetic lines of force are those curves connected by grains of iron powders.

3. This concept comes from Faraday, and he described the shape and intensity of magnetic field with imaginary lines at first. Magnetic lines of force may vary due to the difference in magnets or magnetic forces. 

Electromagnetic Knowledge

1.We use the magnetometer to measure the electromagnetic waves generated by electrical appliances so that students can find that through observation as long as proper distance is kept, the value of electromagnetic waves will be reduced correspondingly.
2.Introduce relevant laws and regulations on electromagnetic waves in Taiwan and make students know that the stipulated value of electromagnetic waves for household appliances, electric tower and transformer station is 833 mG.

Electromagnetic Community

1. Changing current generates magnetic force (magnetic field)
2. Changing current generates changing magnetic field.
3. Changing magnetic field generates electric field.
4. Changing magnetic field and electric field interact, and “electromagnetic waves” are generated.

Electroma Barrier Passing

Through small scratch games, students can know the history of the protest against electric towers.


III. Difficulties Arising from the Activity:
1. Because this activity is static, so we have cancelled Electromagnetic Q&A requiring ball throwing in barrier passing activity.
2. Halfway through the activity, a child burst into tears because all of his classmates were not in his team. Therefore, we came to reassure him and make him gradually calm down.
3. At the beginning of Magnetic Field Observer, students did not know how to mix the iron powders evenly, so we had to make demonstration many times.
4. Prior to the ending of the activity, the teacher (Teacher Po-ju Hou) of the class to which our four checkers belong brought all the students in Class 610 to support us. However, in my opinion, they seemed much more excited than students in junior and intermediate grades and did a lot of funny things. Maybe these students are much more familiar with us, so they behaved casually.


IV. Results of Achievement Presentation
Achievement presentation of club is very suitable for the promotion of Cyberfair Project, for it can display our research results, draw more attention from the children to our subject, or make them further understand the knowledge about electromagnetic waves. However, during barrier passing, they looked perplexed. Especially, children in intermediate and junior grades are relatively unfamiliar with electromagnetic waves and the relation between “electricity and magnetism”, so the students responsible for the explanation of Cyberfair Project need make more efforts in this respect.