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Making a presentation in Classrooms

Location: Classrooms

Participants: Team Members and Advisers for Cyberfair project

After multiple visits and measurement experiments, we have accumulated a lot of experience, felt the sense of accomplishment, and acquired common sense and knowledge not available on the Internet. These records and experience enable us to have a deeper understanding of electromagnetic waves. Now, it is time to present these results. Our promoters are going to introduce electromagnetic waves in their own classes, so every teacher and student can better understand electromagnetic waves!

We have made strenuous efforts to collect relevant reports and data and positively prepare the reports. The content is to explain why we study this subject, introduce electromagnetic waves, and indicate relevant research institutions, reports, webpages (websites) and so on. All the processes are just prepared for the 40-minute reporting in classrooms.

The promoters carefully presented our report results to their respective classmates. However, to prevent some students from falling asleep with boredom, our promoters would first disclose the prize game at the beginning of the reporting to students. Look! The audience were carefully listening to the report so as to prepare for the subsequent prize game. When the lights went on, it was time to check students’ knowledge obtained from the video. Few students handed up at first, but all of them eagerly raised hands up when knowing of gifts, and the promoters even had no idea whom to ask for the answers.


Intruduction the electromagnetic wave

Students answer the questions at the prize game.


Following the presentation of our reports, our little measurement experts measured the electromagnetic wave values of objects with a magnetometer in person. We prepared one of classroom tools, “eraser tool”, and “hair dryer” and then asked students to observe the actual change in the values measured in four different conditions, at the place of motor coil, far away from motor coil, 10cm away from motor coil, and 30 cm away from motor coil. Since it is actual measurement, the time for measurement and explanation must be controlled well so as not to waste the time of students. Therefore, our members responsible for actual measurement have conducted dialogue practices many times. The explanation must be clear, loud, and devoid of ambiguity, so one member is especially responsible for such explanation while the other just has to measure the values. In this way, time can be saved. After grouping, students came to the front and observed the values in order. Through the experiment, students can have the opportunity to know that the damage from electromagnetic waves can be reduced effectively through improper distance and less use time.

One of Classroom Tools for Actual Measurement-Eraser Tool

One of Electric Appliance for Actual Measurement - Hair Drier


After the actual measurement, we have gotten another unforgettable experience! From the reporting, our introverted members who were not originally acquainted with each other have united wholeheartedly and worked hard. Being not familiar with each other, our members would not feel nervous but expectant in former outside interviews. But as for this activity, the members have to make a presentation in front of their closely associated classmates, friends, and teachers. It takes great courage, from which you can be aware of the progress made by our members in this activity! Students have enthusiastically participated in the reporting, and they have raised hands to answer questions, put forward any doubts, and carefully observed the measurement, the change in the values of electromagnetic waves, and other information concerned. In addition, they have attentively watched the report and given accurate answers at prize game!