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Promotion during Morning Exercise

1. What’s the reason for promotion?

To make more students know and understand “electromagnetic waves”, we have spent a lot of time in preparing the promotion during morning exercise and the broadcast at lunch break. Today, we are going to make use of the morning exercise on each Wednesday to promote electromagnetic wave, the subject of Cyberfair Project for Lu Jiang Elementary School this year, so more people can know about it.


2. Preparation for the Promotion

In order to write the best speech draft, we have continuously racked our brains. Since the audience are students from Grade 1 to Grade 6, the content must be concise, interesting, and relevant to electromagnetic waves. At last, we finished one short and concise speech draft, bore it in mind, and kept practicing. We hope to pass on the most complete and interesting content to younger brothers and sisters.

We are promoting electromagnetic waves during the morning exercise on December 7, 2016. Due to stage fright, we use three Chinese characters, “Dian”, “Ci”, and “Bo”, to cover our faces.

We are practicing again before the promotion in expectation of a smooth process.


3. Promotion Process

During the promotion, we negligently came on the stage at delayed pace in front of the whole school, namely more than 3,000 people. However, it did not affect the outstanding performance later. Our opening, “Electromagnetism PPAP” received a sizable response from the audience. The content in the middle also aroused great echoes and cannot be underestimated, for it includes the ways to prevent electromagnetic waves and the specific safe value of electromagnetic waves.



4. Promotion Results

After today’s promotion, we have completed another activity to promote electromagnetic waves and to make all the students in Lu Jiang Elementary School understand the knowledge about “electromagnetic waves”, the subject of this year’s Cyberfair Project; I have also overcome my long-term fear - “stage fright”, and I am not afraid to make public speaking any more.



5. Speech Draft for Morning Exercise

A:Yu-an Chien B:Ssu-chi Li


PPAP: I am electromagnetic, I have a wave, eh, electromagnetic wave. I am electromagnetic, I have a man, eh, Electroma.


A&B: Hi, everybody. We are Electroma from Electromagnetic Planet. We are here at Lu Jiang Elementary School again.
B: What did we talk about last time at Lu Jiang Elementary School. I can't remember it now.


  1. How forgetful! OK, let’s review the subject last time!

B: Eh, good!
A: Let’s begin!
B: Eh, we seem to have introduced electromagnetic waves last time!
A: Right
B: Anything else?


A: How to prevent electromagnetic waves!
B: Ah!! I’ve got it. 
A: So can you tell me how to prevent electromagnetic waves?
B: There are two ways… uh-huh. Firstly, we’d better pull the plug off to avoid indoor damages caused by electromagnetic waves.


A: To my surprise, you still remember it!
B: Secondly, if we keep a proper distance from electromagnetic waves, the damage can be reduced. When the distance is further, the strength of electromagnetic waves is weaker. Therefore, when using electrical appliances, such as computer, TV, hair dryer, microwave oven, and induction cooker, we must keep away from these appliances to ensure safety. Right?        
B: Wait for a minute! It seems we have missed something.  


A: The safe value of electromagnetic waves.
B: Right! It is 833 mG
A: Oh, good!
B: Okay. Since the review is over, let’s play a prize game!
A: Good idea!
B: The question for students in lower grades: what have we introduced today?
A: The question for those in intermediate and senior grades: how can we prevent electromagnetic waves?