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Electromagnetic Wave Revelation


Campus Broadcasting Play

  1. 1.Why do we organize campus broadcasting play?
At the lunch time on each Tuesday, the school team, Municipality Team, will promote the activities to be advocated on the campus via Voice of Lu Jiang. In order to make all students understand electromagnetic waves, we have applied to the school for 10-minute broadcasting time to promote relevant information to all the teachers and students.



  1. 2.Preparation for the Broadcast

Before the broadcast, we must write broadcast script attractive to the audience, and the broadcast script need include the knowledge relevant to electromagnetic waves. According to the teachers, broadcast script must be simple and easy to understand, thus we have racked our brains about how to write complete and fluent broadcast script. When finishing the script, we asked Teacher Chiu-yun Chi to train us in speech making ability. Although Teacher Chiu-yun Chi was very strict during the training, we have made great progress immediately after he helped us correct the shortcomings.



3. Broadcasting Process

On the point of the broadcast about electromagnetic waves, we nervously walked into Office of Student Affairs. After one teacher of the office taught me how to use microphone, the broadcast began straight away! Being afraid of mistakes in reading, I ended up with good performance even in many minor details. The result may be related with the tension and prudence inside me. After the broadcast, it seemed that the burden on my shoulders disappeared, and my whole heart relaxed. The thrilling but challenging broadcast finally came to an end.


4. Broadcast Results
Through the broadcast at Voice of Lu Jiang, I have overcome the fear to deliver a speech with a microphone and gained more opportunities to express myself in public. In despite of the hard work during script writing and speech exercise, I have felt a sense of achievement which is a fantastic sensation after the broadcast. Through this unusual experience, I have not only learnt much knowledge about electromagnetic waves but also accumulated precious experience.


5. Broadcast Script:  

A:Yu-an Chien B:Ssu-chi Li


A: Yu-an Chien
B: Ssu-chi Li
A&B: Hi, everybody. We are Electroma from Electromagnetic Planet. It is a great pleasure to come to Lu Jiang Elementary School. Have you ever heard of anything about “electromagnetism”?


A: Let’s me see… oh.
I have heard of induction cooker, electromagnetic waves and electromagnetic field.
B: I know more… oh, battery…
A: Hold on! Why are there electromagnetic waves in battery?
B: Why not?
A: That’s not true.
B: Well, okay.


A: Hold on, we are getting off the point! We would like to introduce the influences of electromagnetic field, electromagnetic waves, electric tower, etc. on human body.
B: Oh, it is literally important!
A: Speaking of electromagnetic waves…
B: (interrupting) I am very familiar with this field!
A: So, do you know what kind of daily necessities emit electromagnetic waves?
B: I know! There are refrigerators, televisions, computers... Anyway, anything with electricity will emit electromagnetic waves!


A: How about telephone and electric cooker?
B: Definitely, they will emit strong electromagnetic waves, for they are powered.
A: Stop. You are talking nonsense again.
B: Could you please tell me whether telephone and electric cooker are the right answer?
A: General phone emits few electromagnetic waves, but mobile phone will generate more! As for electric cooker, when they are powered, electromagnetic waves will be generated.
B: So, anything with power will emit electromagnetic waves, right?


A: Right! In addition, electromagnetic waves exist in light, ultraviolet light, infrared ray, broadcast, X-ray, and nuclear radiation.
B: So, among hair dryer, electric fan, microwave oven, mobile phone and TV, which will generate the most powerful electromagnetic waves?
A: Of course, it's hair dryer. He has more than 500 mG electromagnetic waves!
B: Wow! That’s so terrible, but why?
A: There are a lot of coils inside, so there is more than 500 mG wave. However, as long as the distance is more than 15 cm, electromagnetic waves will be reduced to less than 10 mG.
B: I see!


A: Let me tell you. Speaking of electromagnetic waves, there was a protest against the construction of high voltage transformer station in Luzhou.
B: Why? What’s the relation between the construction of EHV transformer station and electromagnetic waves?
A: At that time, people thought that electromagnetic waves would certainly be harmful to human body, so when Taiwan Power Company announced the construction of EHV transformer station, the public took great opposition!
B: Wait, have you just said that the electromagnetic waves would not harm human body?
A: Yes and no is the answer.
B: Let's get it straight!


A: Principally, according to one report issued by "WHO", weak electromagnetic waves do not affect human body, but long-term exposure to electromagnetic waves may exert negative influence.
B: Aha, I have gained a lot of knowledge today!
A: There are things you still don’t know.
B: What? I can’t believe it! Tell me.
A: Generally, the safety value of electromagnetic waves for human body is probably 833 mG~.
B: So, I can continue to use hair dryer.


A: Oh, dramatic again. Actually, as long as you are not exposed to more than 833 mG, you do not have to worry so much.
B: If this is true, I can pass the electric towers without any worry, right?
A: Yes.
B: So, how are electromagnetic waves generated?
A: Changing current generates a magnetic field, and changing magnetic field can generate electric current. When these changing electric fields and magnetic fields transfer in space, electromagnetic waves come into shape. Since the phenomenon of electromagnetic change looks similar to the waves caused by the breeze playing on the water, it is called as electromagnetic wave, often electric wave.
B: I know. This is also the origin of us, Electroma.


A: Oh, I almost forgot!
B: But if human beings are so worried about us, we should tell them how to prevent the damages caused by electromagnetic waves.
A: Good idea, I think the following points can be for reference.


    1.When electrical appliances are not in use, we’d better pull the plug off to avoid indoor damages caused by electromagnetic waves.


  1. 2.As long as we keep a proper distance from electromagnetic waves, the damage can be reduced. When the distance is further, the strength of electromagnetic waves is weaker. Therefore, when using electrical appliances, such as computer, TV, hair dryer, microwave oven, and induction cooker, we must keep away from these appliances to ensure safety.

A&B: I think as long as we can get an understanding of electromagnetic waves, they are hardly terrible at all. (Mobile music rings out)
A&B: Ah, the commander in chief of our planet is calling us. We have to dash away. See you next time.