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Extraterrestrial Electromagnetic Senses


  1. 1.Actual measurement activities


(1) Activity forewords
We can better understand the underground process of electric tower in Luzhou as well as electromagnetic wave through the interview. In order to know whether there is difference between theory and reality, we designed a series of actual measurement activities, so as to obtain relevant data through field survey of utility box in Luzhou, location of old electric towers, etc. and experience actual measurement; meanwhile, we also contrasted the written data and interview contents. It is hoped that everyone can understand the cause of underground of electric tower by means of this method to further understand the electromagnetic wave possibly touched in life from the perspective of life environment.


(2) Measurement records and afterthoughts


At the very start, when I arrived at Floor 1, Research Building, I saw Teacher Chao-yang Chu and other students walking towards Lujiang Building. So, Teacher Chao-yang Chu required me to go to “stroll in Luzhou” together with them! In the car, we heard our teacher say: “we go to the transformer station in the morning because it’s raining and we can hear the “sizzling” sound during the measurement”. At that time, I was thinking that I really wanted to feel excitement of passing by electric tower on rainy day. When we passed by Sanlu Superhigh Voltage Transformer Station, I was surprised to see such place in Luzhou because I had never passed by transformer station before. The electromagnetic wave value we measured outside the wall of transformer station is 17.6mg~19.3mg. The teacher also mentioned the struggling situation in the car. We came to the high voltage tower near Yamugang in the second station. The electromagnetic wave value we measured near the electric tower is more than 3.0mg, not very strong! During the period of clean-up in the afternoon, we also measured the electromagnetic wave value of utility box outside dancing classroom and school to be only over 50mg. Through this travel, I have understood that the electromagnetic wave value of these utility boxes and transformer stations is actually not too high. The facts are usually stretched in the news to increase audience rating. It is hoped that students and residents can have a correct understanding of electromagnetic wave after several times of investigations.


Students are measuring electromagnetic wave of Luzhou Transformer Station.

It is the electromagnetic wave value measured by us near the transformer station.



Today, we took Teacher Chao-yang Chu’s car to go to electric tower and transformer station to measure electromagnetic wave. As a result, electromagnetic wave value for the electric tower and transformer station is respectively 28mg and 5mg. In the afternoon, we measured electromagnetic wave of utility box on campus and the value is 21mg. Thus, I have realized that electric tower, transformer station and utility box are less terrible than our imagination.


Our teacher drove her car to take us outside for measurement at noon. First of all, we came to the transformer station behind St. Ignatius High School for observation. It was the first time for me to view transformer station clearly in a short distance. Our teacher said that it was raining in the morning, so we could hear the sizzling sound when the rainy water touched the current, which really broadens my horizon. Subsequently, we came to Yamugang Ditch which is actually close to my grandma’s home, but I did not pay attention to it in the past. Thus, we observed electric tower in a close distance. Teacher also said that residents here didn’t protest against it because there had been electric towers over there before residents lived in this place, so it’s their choice to live there. Besides, during the period of clean-up, we also measured the motor on campus and found that the electromagnetic wave value is really less than 1 when it is enclosed with steel net, which also proves that steel net or other metal objects can damage magnetic field and lead to the reduction of electromagnetic wave.


Students go to the high voltage tower near Yamugang to measure electromagnetic wave value.

We are measuring the electromagnetic wave value of utility box with a magnetometer on school’s enclosing wall. Everyone is smiling happily.


I was very excited because I was going to take a car to observe electric tower and transformer station. It was raining, so we could hear the sizzling sound when we got close to electric tower. I was a little scared at that time. In fact, electromagnetic wave value was not very high -- above 10mg~20mg or so. But, it’s also harmful for residents who live here for a long time. Later, we came to the second place -- “Luzhou Badminton Room” to measure the transformer station behind it and the value is from 0.1mg to 1.9mg! Unfortunately, it was raining harder and harder when we conducted the measurement halfway. So, we were soaked through! As for the second travel, we went to school for measurement. We measured in the basement in Research Building. When the teacher pulled open the door, I was quite curious and did not expect that there were electric devices in it. When we measured with a magnetometer, the value is only from 10mg to 50mg or above, which astonished me! Then, we came to backyard garden to measure and the highest value is only above 1.0mg. In the end, we went out of school to measure the utility box on the sidewalk of the school exit, and the highest value is only 3.2mg. Therefore, we will not be harmed seriously by electromagnetic wave at school.


Our teacher drove a car with us to measure the electromagnetic wave emitted by transformer station and electric tower near Luzhou. Station 1: we arrived at Luzhou Transformer Station near St. Ignatius High School. Because of the rain, we heard the sizzling sound immediately we got off the car, which turned my blood cold as if it would explode. Next, we measured the electromagnetic wave emitted by Luzhou Transformer Station and the value ranged from 20mg to 30mg. Beyond our expectation, it was so weak. We also found that steel net was used around transformer station to isolate electromagnetic wave. Station 2: first of all, a high electric tower jumped into our sight. It was raining heavily, so we had to speed up. Similarly, the value scope is 20mg~30mg. On our way back to school, I asked our teacher why residents struggled against it in the past since the frequency of electromagnetic wave emitted by transformer station and electric tower is very low. Our teachers answered that according to some research reports, long-term exposure to extremely low frequency electromagnetic wave will also harm physical health. During this short travel, I have a deeper understanding of electromagnetic wave and it is a rewarding trip.


Today, we felt it very novel that we went to various places in Luzhou with Teacher Chao-yang Chu to measure transformer station and high voltage tower. We really measured the electromagnetic wave value of transformer station and electric tower. During our measurement, teacher also explained to us why residents in Luzhou protested at that time. Then, after my measurement, I found that the electromagnetic wave value emitted by transformer station and high voltage tower is very low and it will not harm people’ health just as mentioned in the reports. Next, our teacher took us to a huge electric tower beside the Yamugang in Luzhou. We measured the electromagnetic wave there. After my measurement, I found that all the values are low. After the visit, I think that probably residents worry too much about electromagnetic wave because the values for all the transformer stations and high voltage towers are very low. Meanwhile, I have also learned a lot from this measurement activity.


We are measuring the high voltage utility box in the basement of Research Building on campus.

We are measuring the electromagnetic wave value of utility box outside the school.