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1.Preparing activity    2.Interview with Ms. Yueh-e Li Weng    3.Interview with Cheng-chang Chiu


3-2 Preparation before interview and interview contents

I. Preparation activity
Most students have no actual interview experience, so the teachers have found some articles related to interview skills in advance for students to read, so as to better understand how to have an interview.

1. Date: October 7, 2016 12:30~13:30
2. Location: computer room, 5F, Research Building, Lu Jiang Elementary School
3. Preparations before interview

The three teachers are thinking about questions for the first interview.


(1) Investigation of interviewees’ background: have a preliminary understanding of interviewees by means of network, books and newspapers, relevant magazines, other interview data, etc.


(2) Preparation and deep understanding of interview problems: screen out and confirm the interview problems and their quantity as well as time control management; practice interview problems and procedure; questions about gossip must be avoided by all means like private view of emotion, etc.


(3) Interview tools and physical and mental preparation: paper, pen, microphone, audio and video storage devices, electrical equipment, proper clothing, transportation tool, mobile phone, communication tool, etc.


(4) Cultivation of language competence: we should adapt ourselves to changing circumstances. Sometimes interviewees may answer the following questions in advance during the interview. In that case, we should not ask them the same question again. Besides, we should pay attention to the choice of words so as not to speak some disrespectful words. Thus, the interviewees will not feel disrespected.

4. Afterthoughts of interview practice

Teacher Chao-yang Chu is making the explanation for students to prepare the first interview.



The questions in the interview with Ms. Yueh-e Li Weng, the City Councilor last time was thought by teachers. But teachers require us to think about the interview questions by ourselves in this interview with Mr. Cheng-chang Chiu. However, I met some difficulties in the course of thinking about questions. After all, it was the first time for me to design questions and we had no ideas, so our teachers gave us some advices and stipulated the conditions of thinking about questions, which inspired me. Everyone needed to list 5 questions which they thought to be the most important. Of course, all the questions would not be adopted, but every team member can give a hand to the team. Next, we began to practice the intonation, voice volume and mouth shape in the interview. I am afraid to accidentally stammer or have an awkward pause. Therefore, I practiced by myself in front of a mirror every day, hoping that I would perform well in the interview. As for other preparations like interview time and place......, I have prepared thoroughly.



In this interview with Mr. Cheng-chang Chiu, section chief of Taiwan Power Company, I’m not as nervous as last interview with Ms. Yueh-e Li Weng, the City Councilor, but I also encountered a major problem – thinking about questions. Our great fear is that interviewees are silent when they don’t know how to answer the questions and the atmosphere is awkward. Later on, all the members were divided into several groups to think about a total of 20 questions because a new student -- Chin-chen Lin joined us. It was the first time for us to think about questions. In spite of only several questions, we still racked our brains to think about the questions for about 15 minutes. In the process of thinking, teachers also constantly gave us opinions and we also referred to the questions in the previous interview to gain some inspirations. Although all the questions would not be adopted, every team member can give a hand to the team. Then, we began to practice the tone, intonation, speed, etc. in the interview after sorting out the interview questions. We hope to learn lessons from the practice and wish that our second interview can be completed smoothly and satisfactorily.



Previously, the questions for the interview with Ms. Yueh-e Li Weng, the City Councilor were thought by our teachers, so there was no need to worry about the design of questions. However, it was not so easy in the second interview! Our teachers divided us into groups this time and we had a group discussion about the questions for the interview with Taiwan Power Company. We racked our brains to think about the questions. Besides, we also needed to review the etiquette required for interview.



During the interview, my great fear is that interviewee meets a question he doesn’t know how to answer. In that case, the atmosphere is very awkward. When I was thinking about questions, I also considered it. So, I was very careful and cautious to design the questions. At the very start, in my opinion, the questions thought by me were not very good. Luckily, our teachers gave us some suggestions, thus we could have the reference template. Soon, I came up with lots of ideas smoothly. It was very pleasing!