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Electromagnetic Lovers


2-3 Electromagnetic wave in life

Electromagnetic wave

Non-ionizing radiation

Ionizing radiation

Household electricity
High voltage tower and transformer station


Wireless network

Infrared ray
Visible light

Cosmic rays

60Hz extremely low frequency    radio frequency        300GHz                 3*1015 Hz


“Non-ionizing radiation” can be seen everywhere in our daily life. Almost all the varieties of electromagnetic waves touched by us belong to “non-ionizing radiation”. According to the wave property of electromagnetic wave, we can use “frequency” to describe and distinguish it.


The common sources of various non-ionizing radiations



Ultraviolet ray

Sunlight, germicidal lamp

Visible light

Sunlight, various lighting facilities

Infrared ray

Electric heater, fire, sunshine, human body


Wireless network, wireless communications, microwave oven, radar

Radio frequency

Television, radio, radio telephone, mobile phone, base station

Extremely low frequency

Household appliances, power distribution facilities, transmission and distribution cable

Electromagnetostatic field

Direct current, magnet, electromagnetism


We are going to discuss the indispensable “extremely low frequency electromagnetic wave” in our daily life this time, including household appliances and power distribution facilities. We would like to know how many electromagnetic waves are emitted by these facilities. It sounds very horrific!


Extremely low frequency electromagnetic wave
The frequency of “extremely low frequency electromagnetic wave” ranges from 0 Hz to 300 Hz with a very long wave length -- above 1000 Km, which seems to form a “field”, so it is also called as “extremely low frequency electromagnetic field”. The frequency of alternate current used in household appliances in our daily life ranges from 50Hz to 60Hz, and alternate current often changes waveform of electric field and magnetic field at the certain frequency. During the process of using drier, watching TV and washing clothes, extremely low frequency electromagnetic field will produce. Similarly, this also includes transformer station, voltage transformation facilities, high-voltage cable for power transmission and transmission and distribution line.


Radio frequency electromagnetic wave
The frequency of “radio frequency electromagnetic wave” ranges from 3000 kHz to 300 GHz and it is widely used in our life, also known as “radio frequency radio”, such as television, radio, radio telephone, mobile phone, base station, etc.