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Tower City
Electric Wave Formula


1-2 Current Luzhou
As the times progress, the dense electric towers on the street cause a panic to residents and they are afraid that the electromagnetic wave emitted by electric towers will affect physical health. Successions of struggle events make everyone begin to put more emphasis on the hazard of electromagnetic wave on human body. In the earlier period, the science and technology was not developed, and once we stepped out of house, the endless open and even fields jumped into our sight; at that time, there were no smart phones, so we didn’t realize that terrible electromagnetic wave is filled in our surrounding environment. With the increase of population density, electric towers have sprung up like mushrooms along both sides of streets. Such landscape not only damages the original appearance of the city but also causes a great panic to residents.


Electric tower is used for power transmission from the distant power station to each household. Therefore, without electric tower, we cannot use the electricity. Of course, electromagnetic wave exists around the electric tower and residents living near the electric tower have struggled for many times against Taiwan Power Company for the avoidance of damage of electromagnetic wave, hoping that electric tower can be built far away from residents. Nevertheless, it was far from a smooth process. Some people threw eggs in the construction site and the situation ended in a deadlock. The struggles against the setting location of electric tower, base station and transformer station may occur in any place. Some of them end up in vein, while some residents gain the satisfactory result to tear down electric tower, base station or transformer station successfully.


Strolling on the streets in Luzhou, you can also see the high voltage towers stand in great numbers beside the crowded streets. Although they have not existed everywhere, residents living near the electric towers still feel fearful and they worry that their life will be ended by electric tower sooner or later. As the saying goes, “out of sight, out of mind”. Not seeing the electric tower, they will feel safe. Therefore, the underground of almost all the electric tower have been realized. Will the electromagnetic wave value be reduced after underground? Taiwan Power Company seems not to give a clear answer. This doubtful problem arouses our curiosity.


We have decided to start with the knowledge of electromagnetic wave to explore and survey what electromagnetic wave is in our daily life, how it functions and what effect it has on human body. We also hope to share the knowledge investigated by us with more people. Therefore, we make up a group of Cyberfair project - “Electromagnetic Wave Riders” to work hard together in the research! Please follow us to get to know electromagnetic wave! 


Transformer station is built next to residence.
This is a soaring electric tower.