Special Research Project Elements


During『English Worldv2.0〜Let’s Go On An Adventure』we combined 9 school curriculum to this project.


After each event and interview ends, write a reflection log, organize research, and practice interviewing techniques to enhance our reading, writing, thinking skills.


We calculated the necessary cost for the implementation of the study. We planned events under the circumstance of limited money. We analyzed questionnaires, gathered statistics, and presented the results by charts.

Comprehensive Activity Of Study

We obtained social resources, visited and interviewed people with proper manners, and built up the abilityof integration.

Science & Technology

Through Internet searching, using digital cameras and making the post-production, using a computer mind map, and creating our team blog and web pages, we explored related issues and presented our study results. We also cultivated the ability to use technology and information in our daily life.

Social Studies

During this research project, saw Kaohsiung, Busan, Brisbane, and Toowoomba come together to create a story for each city.

Arts and Humanities

Road trip bookmark design, painting, thank you cards, gift wrapping, trying a variety of mediums, triggering a wealth of imagination, experience joy and joy of creation.

Health and Physical Education

The ability to be able to use the limb, field visits, engage in appropriate exercise and cultivate healthy attitude towards life.

Information tools

Information tools and technologies we used to complete our Cyberfair Project.


  • Digital Camera : taking photos
  • Pen Digital Voice Recorder: recording interview content
  • Scanner: processing image
  • Printer: printing relevant data
  • Computer: editing information
  • Internet Explorer: searching for information, communicating, sending and downloading files
  • Digital Video Camera: recording activities
  • Telephone and Cell Phone: communication


  • Word: Editing documents
  • Excel: Analyzing Questionnaire
  • Powerpoint: Making Briefing Pages
  • Neo Imaging: compressing image files, editing photo
  • Print Magic: producing posters
  • Flash,Dreamweaver: Designing web pages
  • Ulad Video Studio: Editing Films
  • Photoimpact: Editing Photos

Play the role of “Community Ambassador

Q: How does your research topic change the community?

  • Raise public awareness of Asia New Bay Area, change outlook on Asia New Bay Area.
  • The questionnaire has statistics and charts.
  • Use the strength of Lingzhou, create picture book gain attention and support from international students.
  • Create three picture books with Taiwan, Korea and Australia so that more people can see Asia New Bay Area.

What distinguishes you from others?

  • Take initiative and visit Asia New Bay Area’s attractions such as the Kaohsiung Library, Kaohsiung Exhibition Center, Fishermans Wharf, etc.
  • The results will allow foreigners to get to know Kaohsiung more.
  • We hope that this strategy model of international cooperation will be implemented in other schools as well, so that people may learn and imitate, and so that tourism marketing is no longer a passive receiver of information. We hope to it can effect local students as well as students from afar.
  • We launched a transnational Q&A activity, invited students from sister schools to attend. They can hear different voices as well as learn different languages.

Did you make new local connections?

  • We cooperated with Australia and Korea during this project, we hope more countries can join us in the future.
  • Asia New Bay Area stories will communicate to more people through the internet, bringing glory to the community.
  • We hope to build from the heart to see the world of community issues.



  • Personally visited Asia New Bay Area, understood it’s past and present.
  • We recognize public construction and maintenance, something everyone should appreciate.
  • Asia New Bay Area is not far from Lingzhou, there are plenty of opportunities for Lingzhou students to visit, but it should be introduced to foreign friends. This is a higher threshold, very happy that we can understand our community a little deeper.
  • Publishing a plan is very difficult。 We need to do heritage arrangement, prepare contact, news exposed, marketing, and volunteer planning.


  • Transnational exchange to tackle tourism issues, not only will you gain a lot of knowledge, but can make emotional bonds between people more powerful.
  • Every member of the team is very important. During this process, the students were very supportive, the parents and teachers helped a lot, even men and women we did not know cheered for us. These are things you will experience during this project.


  • We learned effective questionnaire implementation, statistics, and chart presentation.
  • We learned qualitative interviewing skills, information summary, and analysis.
  • We learned how to submit opinions to government organizations, how to speak out for the public, and how to benefit the community.
  • We learned how to act as competent community ambassadors to promote the interests of our community.。
  • We cultivated our communication, coordination, organization, and integration abilities.
  • We learned how to do case studies and how to make web pages.


All the web designs, pictures, and texts are results of our project, created by ourselves. There is no plagiarism. All pictures were taken by us. Pictures from our sister schools were provided by our sister schools. This website belongs to all of us.

Discovery, Lessons and Surprises

After nearly six months of efforts, we found the following:

  • Understand Asia New Bay Area’s stories, which includes many precious historical facts, every Kaohsiung citizen should be aware of the problems. Let the whole world see Kaohsiung through international exchange.
  • Learn to interview others, how to ask questions and how to extract the ability to focus.
  • Through teamwork, contribute to our community.
  • 1. The survey results provides directions for improvements.