Kaohsiung 85 Sky Tower Research Topic Overview

Main Topic

Our Giant Neighbor - 85 Sky Tower

Our neighborhood, 85 Sky Tower

85 Sky Tower is located next to Kaohsiung seaport. It is surrounded by Kaohsiung Exhibition center, Main Public Library, Maritime Cultural & Popular Music Center, and Kaohsiung Port Terminal. With a newly constructed light rail, 85 Sky Tower has become a new landmark of Kaohsiung City. Meanwhile, this area is also called as “Asia New Bay Area” in Kaohsiung City.

Lingzhou Elementary is located at Kaohsiung Lingya district, which is known for having lots of department stores. One of the famous department store areas is called “Sanduo Shopping District”. 85 Sky Tower is also located within few blocks of that shopping district. We would like to use “our neighborhood and 85 Sky Tower” not only to make friends with the world, but also introduce the beauty of our city.

Our Neighborhood --- Kaohsiung City

Lingjhou Elementary School located next to “Asia New Bay Area”

Lingjhou Elementary School is located Kaohsiung City (Lingya District), and closed to Sanduo Shopping District. We can see 85 Sky Tower from Lingjhou Elementary School.

Lingjhou Elementary School students field trip, walking to 85 Sky Tower within 5 minutes.

Our sister school in Australia, Middle Ridge State School (Left), and Caboolture East State School (Right)

Our Sister school in South Korea: Gwangju Donglin Elementary School

Greatly appreciated to our communicator: Teacher from Kaohsiung Municipal Kaohsiung Girls' Senior High School, Sylvia Lee

Outline of our 85 Sky Tower Research Topic

For Lingjhou Elementary school, in order to interact with different domestic and foreign schools, the school blends in the environment of 85 Sky Tower as part of school culture. It takes the idea of creating a good tourist attraction environment, which not only having a detail tourist information map, but also blending into the local perspective, idea, and culture. Therefore, it helps to people not just see the surface of Lingjhou Elementary school and 85 Sky Tower, but understand more in depth about it background and history. Here are our three main goals:

  1. Understand our Neighborhood – the culture, tourist attraction, and history about Asia New Bay Area & 85 Sky Tower.
  2.  By using the Sketchboard sharing, it helps Lingjhou students to interact with its own sister schools, and learn from each other.
  3. By using various sharing communication techniques, such as webcam, letter, and Sketchboard…etc, Lingjhou students not only experience the interaction with foreign students, but also introduce Kaohsiung to them.

Our internet environment

At our school, we use our campus computer center to connect to Taiwan’s Academic Network. When webcamming with Australia, we use iConnect because of their restrictions on other programs. With Korea, we use ePal or JoinNet.

Challenge and Overcome

Dicussion/meeting times

In order to meet with everyone’s time zones,we will meet every Thursday at noon. If there is a holiday, we will make appropriate changes. In order to complete this on time, sometimes we need to make sacrifices during our class times and make up those class times at a later date. We must work together!

Communcation Difficulties

Special thanks to Kaohsiung Girls AJET Society Teacher Ms. Li Mi Lin (now retired) and Ms Tou Gou Li for connecting us with Australia and Korea. Although the time difference is manageable (2 hours for Australia, 1 hour for Korea), the language barrier will be a challenge in the communication process.

Lack of Computer Expertise

Everyone’s time and computer experience varies, so there might be some difficulties in collecting data and creating our website. The learning process may be hard, but after many discussions and modifications, we will be able to create our very own website.

Interview Fear

In addition to interviewing local residents and tourists, we can also interview people globally via webcam. This way it will be much more interesting! Although we will not get a response immediately, interviewing by video is very interesting!

Inadequate English Ability

During the process of this project, teamwork will give us strength. Even though the language barrier is always a challenge, spending a lot of time learning grammar and vocabulary. English teachers will need to help us a lot! It seems we cannot be lazy when it comes to learning English! But through this project, I feel like it is a very interesting way to learn English!

“Lu’s Adventure” is a novel by Iranian Author Muhammad Ruiza. He transformed a ‘road’ into a traveling travelling all over the world. Today, Lu visits Kaohsiung, Busan, Brisbane, and Toowoomba. What interesting story will happen today?

(left)Lingzhou students reading Lu’s different journeys. / (right)Video Greeting with Korea.


Giant building next to me

Kaohsiung 85 Sky Tower is just located next to Lingjhou Elementary school. Students can see the building by rising up their heads. 85 Sky Tower also has a 5 stars hotel, called 85 Sky Tower Hotel. Between the Hotel and Lingjhou students, it seems to have long distance, but the connection has started by a simple postcard. All the students would like to use 85 Sky Tower, as a landmark of Kaohsiung, to introduce foreign friends about Kaohsiung tourist attraction.

Neighborhood discovery + International Promotion

So what will be the best way to promote Kaohsiung 85 Sky Tower? There is so much travel information about Kaohsiung 85 Sky Tower once we type the keyword onto the internet. So in order to make a unique Kaohsiung tourist attraction information, we would like to use Sketchboad with limitless imagination and creativity. Such that it helps the international communication becomes more in depth.

Lingjhou Student also can promote Tourist attaraction

Although we are young and English level is not good, we are using our own unique way to describe our story “Asia New Bay Area – Kaohsiung 85 Sky Tower”. The research project presentation might not be perfect, but all the information of project is most honest information about our neighborhood. We hope people would like to pay more attention to South Taiwan, and remember the history and story of Kaohsiung.

With the study tours at Middle Ridge State School and Caboolture East State School, and also webcam communication, students have experience lots of interesting and memorable experience.