Brief Introduction

In the chapter, we are trying to use an Elementary student “play style” to introduce 85 Sky Tower. Here are two steps:

  1. Use 85 Sky Tower as landmark, and put into a topic as communication.
  2. After choosing to communicate Australia student, we have done several topics, “Guess who is”, “Letter from Pen Pals”, and “Minions travels the world”. Besides the letter communications, we also would like to promote the tourism of Kaohsiung.

  3. Travel around the environment of 85 Sky Tower.
  4. We travel around Kaohsiung seaport, Kaohsiung Exhibition Center, Kaohsiung Main Library, and other tourist areas. So with this opportunity, we got a chance to visit 74th observation floor in 85 Sky Tower. From there, we see the whole different point of view about 85 Sky Tower.