New Asia Bay Area introduction

Where is Asia New Bay Area?

Asia New Bay Area is in Southern Taiwan, in the heart of it is second largest city, Kaohsiung. It has an area of about 500 acres with a total investment of over 1 billion US dollars. It is a major construction in Kaohsiung hoping to promote the beauty of this city. Constructed 2013, the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center has become the new landmark in Kaohsiung, organized by the international.

Asia New Bay Area is constructed along the Kaohsiung Bay overlooking the ocean. The rail system is almost complete: it is currently being tested. There are also major structures currently being constructed such as the Marine Center and Pop Culture Center.

Asia New Bay Area Attractions

Pier-2 Art Center

Pier-2 is located on the edge of Kaohsiung Port. Originally an abandoned cargo storage area, in the year 2000, a group of enthusiastic people from the art community transformed this abandoned area into one of the most visited attractions in Kaohsiung.

Life of a Worker at the Port/ Old Railway now an endless path of Art/ Art next to Cycling Road

3D Illusion, make you feel like you are inside the painting/ Huge “Bumblebee” sculpture, about 10 people tall!/ Metal Robot Public Art

Kaohsiung seaport / Guangrong seaport, love seaport, Xingguang seaport

Asia New Bay Area is very close to the Kaohsiung Port. From north to south, there are 3 piers: Glory Pier, Love Pier, and Pier 22. Pier 22 is right next to the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center. It is great for sightseeing Cijin Island. Glory Pier is even better! From 2008-2014, the Kaohsiung Lantern Festival was held here. You can also spot the famous “Yellow Duck” statue that was built by Dutch artist Florentjjn Hoffman in 2013. The Love Pier is at the beginning of Pier-2 and was once the scene for the movie “Black & White”.

Overlooking Glory Pier and Pier 22/ You can take a boat to Cijin from Glory Pier

The Annual Kaohsiung Lantern Festival is held at Glory Pier along the Love River, full of fireworks and celebration.

90% of the movie Black & White was filmed in Kaohsiung. It was a hit film, bringing much attention to Kaohsiung.

18 Meters tall and weighing over 1000 kg, the big yellow duck is a historic statue at Glory Pier. Its big round yellow body attracts people from all over the world! So cute!

Kaohisung Exhibition Center

The Kaohsiung Exhibition Center is next to Pier 22. Its unique streamline body makes it stand our like a pearl in the ocean.

Other famous attractions in Asia New Bay Area

Other famous attractions in Asia New Bay Area

Kaohsiung Public Library/ Kaohsiung Public Library (Nighttime)

Kaohsiung 85 Sky Tower/ Kaohsiung Software Technology Park


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