Project Outline

Project Introduction

Is tourism marketing a big beautiful map? Or is it just a huge amount of information? Or is it just a big information app? Lingzhou Elementary is located next to Kaohsiung’s Asia New Bay Area. Our school promotes international education year round. There are a lot of opportunities for foreign and domestic exchanges. We want to make a different kind of tourism website. With the help of this project as well as our student’s limitless imagination and creativity, we hope to create a website that can help foreigners get to know the origins and background of Asia New Bay Area. This way, international exchange won’t just be another regular exchange.

Project Goal

  • Get to know our community, get to know Asia New Bay Area’s history, tourist attractions, and nearby facilities.
  • Through exchanges and reading each other’s picture books, learn about each cities’ different tourist attractions.
  • International Exchange to spread Kaohsiung’s spirit! Create picture books, exchange letters, webcam, to market Kaohsiung’s tourism!

General Outline

  • Gather pictures of Asia New Bay Area and tourist information.
  • Visit Asia New Bay Area and appreciate its beauty.
  • Build relationship with sister schools, begin all kinds of communication.
  • Go through school curriculum and tourism to create more stories.
  • Try「I do, We do, You do」for the purpose of international exchange activities,allow shared feelings and cultures.
  • Market the beauty of Kaohsiung, let Kaohsiung be recognized internationally, my home - Kaohsiung.


Projects 2016 2017
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Form Team
Gather Info, Share Experience
Establish Internet Community, Visit sites
International Exchange, Creative Thinking
Team Focus Groups, Build Website
Publish Results, End of Project