Because up to the second grade, schoolwork and stress intangibles increased a lot, also do not have time to play this activity, but under the occasional quirk, we have participated in the Web blog of the game. This topic is musicians in Taiwan-Hsiao, in the production process, we encountered many challenges, because classmates each almost all registration Web blog so serious competition and comparison of the relative to each other, hoping to overcome all problems, once again winners!

This year and participate in has network territories Expo this game, this game not short time on can completed of, need collected data, and design page, and rich content, sometimes will encountered some difficult wall, and we trying to to solution problem, although will views not and quarrel, but these are is will by course, we are has as of target wants to reached, although has academic to Gu, need spent many time input in this game Shang, may to reading and do page, even is tired but I think is worth, because I learn to has many, Thank you day and night guided us!

The theme is different, because Mr Hsiao was dead, so no way face to face interview, we have to find data on the Web, or contact information on his friends, fans, family, Foundation ... ... But not everyone has the time to discuss with us, this is the problem we have, and in addition to class after school tutorial, the body cannot load, is really tired for a long time, sometimes want to give up, but to our goal, now is OK, hope that the outcome was sweet.

A just began making page of color scheme and drawing, frequently was shooting, is has once in Office happens to be encountered learn sister, he to has we some recommends, let I has not as of idea, eventually made let everyone satisfaction of works, is is is has achievements sense, from yiqian cut version are has problem, to now can independent making a page, from this among I is benefit many does!

Again participate in has this of network Bo game, although we familiar has this game of rules, but I this attempts to has we are didn't touch had of field, but we no so gave up, we also is is efforts of in collected data and wants to with page the how rendering, these difficulties of trivial thing enough to to we is big of challenge, hope this can rendering out can let everyone like, also through this of opportunities, let I can in learning to more different aspects of knowledge.