During the many memorial concerts, we held a memorial art exhibition specially picked out in Los Angeles, this art exhibition was international and Tyzen Hsiao’s second son was in it. Following Tyzen Hsiao’s memorial concert in Taiwan, Los Angeles’ Taiwan Collage and Tyzen Hsaio’s foundation cooperated and held a Tyzen Hsiao memorial exhibition. But different from Taiwan, Los Angeles’ concert is mainly dancing, using Tyzen Hsiao’s work combined with the elements of dancing and theatre, presenting a bond with on another and a connection with the audience. This dance represents a praise, a memory and a prayer to life.

To highlight Tyzen Hsiao’s life dedication to his music works with the love for Taiwan, specially picked out the song “Life with Dad”, performed by dancer Mauro Sacchi and Mr's Lin, by using music and the art exhibition. Using limbs to picture the story, merging the elements of dancing and theatre, exploring the connection of existing and nonexistence of space and the mind, as well as using action to show meanings and possibilities.

This time’s artifact exhibition was held by Tyzen Hsiao’s second son, Tyzen Jiewen, setting up six moving equipments to display Tyzen Hsiao’s relics, also displaying Tyzen Hsiao’s music original handwriting for the first time, using stave as a concept, building an art hallway exclusive to music scenery, provided to Tyzen Hsiao’s fans, set with folk, political, land, cultural, religion and love music themes to let people listen to.