Since during without Mr. Tyzen Hsiao ‘ s Memorial Lecture , lead we couldn’t participate in , so we searched through network to find much video and data , on nerwork we found the two faction of the East and the West romantic music master who we knew of Taiwan culture lecture – the keynote speaker was Dr. Lin Heng Zhe , after our members watched video through the network , they wrote experience .The founder of Taiwan Libray Dr. Lin Heng Zhe once said : “Professor Tyzen Hsiao’s < 1947 overture > as <1812 overture> by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky wrote and < Finlandia > by Sibelius wrote, they are filled with a sense of history mission and wrote down the love motherland . ”

After watching the movie, I realized that there are many people in this world hard working for national music. In the recent years, the prevalence of internationalization and the Internet, many people worship Western,Japanese and Korean music, ignoring Taiwan’s own national music. The most important thing, is that he uses music to enable more people to learn about Taiwan.

Right after the movie finished, I fell the greatness of Tyzen Hsiao from the deep of my heart. He overcame a lot of difficulties but insisted on his music, Tyzen Hsiao uses a creative way to advocate his ideas, to change past protests and resistances, and look forward to a unique musical culture in Taiwan.