We went together with our teachers to Cultural Center Jhihde Hall to attend the Formosa Tyzen Hsiao memorial concert ,it was played by Kaohsiung
Symphonic Band on February 14th , 2016 .
Leader of SiungSongOrchestra , Band, Mr. Zhou An Rui , said , ”Professor Tyzen Hsiao in international and Taiwanese music history has an indelible role , thanks to Professor Tyzen Hsiao that let us understand beauty of Taiwan by music !
Thanks to Professor Tyzen Hsiao that we are full of love and hope by music “.





Later , we met Marketing director of SiungSongOrchestra , Miss. Shen , after describing why she wanted to host this concert , she said: "he is a southern man in Taiwan , he lives in Fengshan  , because we were a southern band in Taiwan , teachers and I hope that show the works of us southern musicians , in fact , we planed this event one years ago (2015) the space was also applied , after we heard his death , his music were very good ."



The photo was by SiungSongOrchestra
Member of SiungSongOrchestra-Miss. Ma
She is fifteen , has learned the cello for ten years and joined the band for two years .



Introduction performance songs

First song-the Angel from Formosa
Although this G major just is only four minutes , it often let people listen for a long time and not to get greasy , mainly the melodies and structurre are very simple , from the basics Do , Mi , So , developed to let listener easily accepted and be able to feel pure and eleant beauty .

Sceond song- Tyzen Hsiao Violin Concerto in D major
The first movement to the quiet and peaceful atmosphere, depicting the rural Taiwan early in the morning feeling fresh and soft and beautiful piano sound described in a friendly warm human face. Then the night sky in quiet meditation boot, skillfully rendering more colorful, will people change into the picturesque dream, however slowly Cheung and screw-lok, wake them indulge in the dream, gradually enter the topic create the upsurge in the awakening of the people of Taiwan is full of strong national colors.

Third-you get it through Taiwan
This song is deep with a strong sense of local consciousness gradually rise during these years, also incorporated the song into a school music textbooks, so that we can in the next generation in the elegant music, learning to our ancestors ' land thrifty family spirit, cognition being the pride of the people of Taiwan

Fourth-Beautiful flowers
This is Taiwan's famous literary works "longtouch" Oriental white authors, published on November 13, 1992 in San Diego of a Taiwanese-language poem. Content to the beauty, fragrance, described in the deepest thoughts of home and praise. And this can not be replaced in the mind of the United States, it is all a stranger wandering dark feelings of homesickness; by Tyzen Hsiao in elegant, soft, melodic solo, at home and abroad by the favorite in the field of vocal music, appeared in concerts from time to time, and often the specified song is a vocal competition.

Fifth-jade Chung
“Distance you are days; stands so tall. Stand stand top you are; green trees, Green Garden four territories. Butterfly fly; day clouds embrace you. Butterfly fly; dark dark star Jin Zhizhi. Ah! Jade Mountain! Taiwan's Kaohsiung, the sacred mark! You are the father of the reality; give me soul, me will a surname courage. Dream you're a mother; stand within my heart to my love. Go freedom way; walk through the tragic past. Take the road looking for free; Yin Wangqi new century. Ah! Jade Mountain! New Kingdom, Honorable mark!”

Sixth-1947 Overture
Brass gongs are like waves of momentum, will be 400 years of authoritarian rule in droves by foreign peoples, to be free and democratic desire to release them. See ' love song "Ballad describing people reveling in a calm and peaceful life, sometimes crying ' a bird chirping" Ballad of fragments, told members of the world's tragedy. Orchestral melody out of the ups and downs, people have been living in the unrest in good times and bad. ' I LHA Formosa "is a Portuguese captain, found in Taiwan, issued by the Islands beautiful praise. ' 1947 Overture "the music the deep love and hope, like the lyrics nailed in our land, their foliage growth reaching toward the sky, one day we will see a shining star at the top of the tree, so the land beautiful, verdant island, no more grief, no more hatred. (Songs from the data source Hsiao Memorial Concert)