An interview to Tyzen Hsiao’s junior, Ming-Hua Yang who is studing in Taiwan Normal University music department.Ms. Yang majored in the vocal music and minored in piano ; moreover , she is a direct junior of Tyzen Hsiao. She recalled music isn’t prevalent at that time. ”Because everyone was so poor, it was difficult for us to study Music. Until 1950, my father was a priest, and our classmates’ parents were either doctor or businessman. All of them are very rich. People like us, could touch a lot of holy music in church, so we all liked to sing. ”Ms. Yang said. But it was wonderful. A preacher brought an old piano. The piano was big and heavy, and it wasn’t convenience to bring back. So he left it for us. Because of the church, I have more in-depth contact with music, our classmates had enough money, so they could learn the piano, they choose the department of music, especially the girls. They thought girls studied music were good for education.



When we asked Ms. Yang for Tyzen Hsiao student life, she smiled and said "Because after finishing class, he always played the piano in the music room. He seldom came out. Tyzen Hsiao was very tall and very handsome, so the girls at the time all liked him! And everyone knew that he played the piano very well. "




She met Tyzen Hsiao several times during the United States. He was usually engaged in the church activities. He helped the church do music and activities. In the role of the community, that was in music. And he loved Taiwan, so his role was to help Taiwan's visibility in the United States. He works very hard.



"He was very tough and not discouraged in such a difficult period. But he is still very persistent, he showed his insistence on music. I appreciate that he doesn’t give up. He was always very focused, so that he could have such a achievement today. And He wouldn’t ever not leave his faith. Because he was so persistent, and he was really put his life into it unlike others. " This is an assessment Mr. Yang did to Tyzen Hsiao, and his dedication is also admired by Ms. Yang.