Telephone contact with Mr. Weining Chen

"Mr. Tyzen Hsiao is known as one of the most outstanding musicians of the century, because his works with Taiwan's history, culture, land, the deepest relationship, good quality and quality, few musicians can do this! "This is Mr. Chen Weining's note to Mr. Tyzen Hsiao.




Chen Weining emotionaly said:"He was studying, he is a hard working of student, including his return to Japan after school, he can be said as Taiwan's tomorrow’s star! While we are optimistic about him, because of his wife's business failed and went to the United States, at that time he had nothing, but he did not give up the insistence of music, and his music peak happened in the United States, but he retained the positive qualities of Taiwan and Taiwanese, made the music belonging to Taiwan."

Mr. Chen Weining recalled:Early Taiwan did not attach importance to local musicians, with almost no formal publication of music CDs and works and the addition of  Mr. Tyzen Hsiao being blacklisted, to the 80th year of the Republic of China just to lift the martial arts and Mr. Tyzen Hsiao works local started to appear in bookstores, the most important to attract Mr. Chen Weining is Tyzen Hsiao violin concerto ... 。
Then moving melody hovering in the ears of Chen Weining, from that moment, he knew that Mr. Tyzen Hsiao is not a general composer, but with "love" in the composer.




Asking the favorite work of Xiao Taorong, Mr. Chen Weining said with a smile: "In fact, Mr. Xiao Tairan this question was asked, he then asked: Which child do you like? Sorry, all of them! "
Chen Weining said Mr. Tyzen Hsiao's style of music deeply rooted in his heart and lamented such a  great composer, how has this music not been explored? It has been the past few years which more and more works has been found which is also something his fans have been very happy about. Mr. Chen Weining is also one of the members of the founder of Tyzen Hsiao music world fans, originaly he simply liked Tyzen Hsiao music, he did not expect to be Tyzen Hsiao Ran's friend - Mr. Zhuang Chuanxian invited to join the founder of the ranks, So that people now pay more recpect to the national musicians.


Interview with Kaohsiung fans - Mr Lee
Mr. Lee is a 30-year tuner teacher. We met at the Xiao Tailan Memorial Concert on February 14, 2016, and asked him to do an interview with us. When we asked him for his feelings about Xiao Tailan's song, he Said: "Xiao Tailong made the song in the rich Taiwanese national flavor." And talked about Xiao Tai late and because of illness and can not write spectrum, he sighed and said: "Such a pity for Taiwan to lose this musician!" "
"This concert is very different from the previous commemoration, this time is not focused on the main theme but stressed the sub-melody." This is Mr. Lee's evaluation of this concert. In addition to exclamating the difference between the concert, but also said Mr. Xiao Tailan's works became famous in Taiwan early 40, 50’s. This is a something that modern Taiwan young people can not feel, it is such a pity! "