Mr. Hsiao Tyzen is a well-known international valuable musician, he is also 20th century representative musician、world-class musician、Taiwanese romantic classical music’s father、the practitioners of merging Taiwan and Western Music. He won numerous awards, a lot of medias have interviewed him and record the music jurney in Mr. Hsiao Tyzen’s life.
In order to appreciate Mr. Hsiao Tyzen’s contribution to Taiwan and the music industry, president Ma Ying – jeou especially ordered to award commendation to appreciate his contribution.

President dedicated to Mr. Hsiao Tyzen’s commendation:
Mr. Hsiao Tyzen graduated from Department of music, National Taiwan Normal University and obtain a master's in composition at the California State University, Los Angeles. His works merge western classical and romance. He has lots of great works circulating, especially,  <Violin Concerto in D >,< Cello Concerto in C >,< Piano Concerto in C minor>,< 1947 Overture >,<The song of Taiwan>,<Ode to Yu-Shan>.The government offered this commendation to express their respect to Mr. Hsiao Tyzen.