On Januray 1999 , Russia in the snow , TyzenHsiao and a group of Russian musicians become attached to Moscow , conductor Vakhtang jordania leaded Russian federal orchestra , they completed “ Formosa Symphony ” debupremiere in the famous Tchaikovsky concert hall .
Deeply cherished this great culture exchange between Taiwan and Russian , Tyzen Hsiao created The Angel from Formosa , two people met in 2000 and used the same orchestra , at the same place , published this work and finished Tyzen Hsiao‘s desire for many years .
The photo was that Tyzen Hsiao and his friends in Moscow Red Square in 2000




National Culture prize of the Executive Yuan w awarded to the 28th winner- Tyzen Hsiao , his health was not good , his voice was week , he said in his acceptance speech , I could live in the world of the day might not to be too much , but if only I was alive , I would continue to work for music , “ Hope you encourage to me , I also encourage to you , do some useful things for Taiwan . “





“Professor Tyzen Hsiao Classic concert ”will show on October 25th and November 1st , Global News Agency Meng Fong Los Angeles message commemorate for the “Southern California Taiwanese Southern California” to missionary 150 annual
, specially invite “ Taiwanese American Historical Society ” , it will show at Irvine Taiwanese Presbyterian Church on October 25th  , and the other will show in Arcadia Perform Art Centercon November 1st , Jointly organized two "Professor Hsiao classic concerts".11:30 A.M. on October 14, Taiwan Guild Hall held a press conference in Los Angeles.




"I have already run the good battle, and when I am running, I have run, and the faith I have held is kept." - From the Bible of Timothy, " 
the Taiwanese Rachmaninoff
 – Hsiao Tyzen finished an overseas Taiwan Renaissance after the holy war, calmly rest assured that the main pregnant, he died in Los Angeles’s home on February 25, 2015 at 1:10 pm,this message shocked many people, his departure for the entire music scene can be described as a big loss.




The president of Hsiao Tyzen ‘s Foundation,陳秀麗 said that in order to promote the development of Taiwanese music and art, hoping to rely on a solid musical performance, not limited to Western classical music, made more suitable for contemporary, more close to the crowd and the land, pure Music and cross-cutting production, through the local composer of the music of the insistence and enthusiasm to pass to the next generation of Taiwanese. The concert can be a smooth performance, in addition to special thanks to Youyou Card Co., Ltd. sponsor, but also to thank the co-sponsored by the units even behind. The card company especially make a Tyzen Hsiao memorial concert card for this event,making this event to be more meaningful.