Mr. Hsiao Tyzen borned in the Christian family,so he has soaked in the church's music, hymns 、anthems and Western classical music that full of religious since he was young. Mr. Hsiao Tyzen’s  grandfather was a Christian missionary and his father was an elder in the church. It deeply affected Mr. Hsiao Tyzen’s beliefs and attitudes since childhood. Mr. Hsiao Tyzen was a devout Christian all life and created countless hymns. His eldest son Jeff mentioned that everytime he needed to make an important decision he will ask his father’s suggestion. His father always said, “If do this thing can help others, you just go for it.” This is not only the motto of his life but also a principle about being a man.


Published the first drama, the lyrics was edited by his father Mr. Hsioa Ray-An, and the melody made by Mr. Hsiao Tyzen. There were eight pieces of this drama 《Jesus Christ》. Mr. Hsiao Tyzen said in his preface, “This drama is showing my respect and missing to my father forever. At the same time,it also my faith confession to the God and thanks for the gift.” When he talked about the 《Jesus Christ》which complete up to thirty-three minutes’s drama, he only said humbly, “It seems God holding my hand writing.”




He created an amazing Taiwanese music epic with a sense of historical mission in 1993:<1947 Overture>. But he suffered a heart attack while composing the 1947 Overture. Life was bout dying, even the doctor declared that there was only little hope, but he put hands together and prayed sincerely to the God. He recovered eventually. 1947 Overture showed how desperately the Taiwanese pursued freedom and democracy. In 1994, this song was perfectly born! Mr. Hsiao Tyzen also started to write Taiwanese hymns, he composed many famous Taiwanese hymns,for example,Spirit Divine, attend our prayers, Praise the Lord, O My Solul, The Lord’s Prayer, etc. revealing the feelings of piety in his works from time to time. Whenever he encountered the setback, the firm belief gave him a big support all the time.





Mr. Hsiao Tyzen usually used a word to describe himself:「I don’t have gold and silver,only can give you is the music that the God give me! 」Elegant religious vocal works have a certain weight in his composition career, he used notes to write about the feelings of God and the songs he writed became the treasures that can not replace.