1953-1965:Enlightenment and study
1966-1977:Back to Taiwan, teaching career, performing, composing,the harvest period.
The first Six years (1967-1973), his main activity area wasaround the south Taiwan. He worked at Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages and National Kaohsiung Normal University. He also worked as a part –time teacher at Tainan University of Technology and the Tainan Theological College, mainly taught piano and harmonics. After 1970, he was also a part-time teacher at National Taiwan Normal University Department of Music. Besides teaching and performing, Mr. Hsiao Tyzen has never forgotten the opportunities of learning.





In 1973, he was appointed professor at the National Taiwan Normal University.
1977-1985:The American period- restart his song, music and instrumental pieces.
Mr. Hsiao Tyzen lived in United State, he moved to Califonia in 1987 and studied at the Califonia State University. Taiwanese love Mr. Hsiao Tyzen’s work and those encouragements all transferred into the great motivation for him to carry on his composing.  He still kept his style as usual, mainly wrote the religious chorus,Taiwanese songs or popular songs which accompanied with piano, also composed the instrumental music(solo or ensemble).  Mr. Hsiao Tyzen claimed to be engaged in the adaptation of Taiwanese folk songs. The lyrics which Mr. Hsiao Tyzen used in his song included the following ideas, one is the beautiful poems that spread for a long time in Taiwan’s church, the second was the ballad has been obtained everyone’s love, the other one was the lyrics that overseas Taiwanese wrote about nostalgia and inspired people. Either adapted music or created new songs, as long as written by him, that beautiful and smooth vocal music always attracted and touched lots of Taiwanese and won their compliment.





1985-1995:Towards the maturity of orchestral piece
Mr. Hsiao Tyzen considered that his creation after 1985 is “improveing the level of artistic creation and leading into modern composition of the skills, still make the creative spirit of Taiwan folk songs for the creation of the fundamental.” He thought that this period is his late music creatio
1985 was a turning point in Mr. Hsiao Tyzen’s creation. He was re-entry into the Institute when he was about 50, it can see how humble, advancing and high self-expectation Mr. Hsiao Tyzen was. Of course, more important was his passion prompted him to learn more theories and skills, expanded the broader vision and knowledge. This was also Mr. Hsiao Tyzen prepared for a lot more positive response for his overseas fellows who loved him. In order to have the ability to create large works, Mr. Hsiao Tyzen once said that he had felt that he has a special mission in the composition during 86、87, so dedicated to music creation.”




1987-19914:Harvest period on the creation
Mr. Hsiao Tyzen completed Formosa Symphony in 1987, and then, he accomplished Violin Concerto in D in 1988, this concerto is nearly thirty minutes. First presented in piano concerto in the United States in 1989 and go on a performance tour. The complete orchestral version was played by the famous violinist, Lin Cho-Liang, at first time at San Diego on November in 1992. After that, that piece was performed three times one after another. Lin Cho-Liang played at Shanghai in 1996. Taipei’s performance was postpone to February 1997 by Lin Chun-Hui, and Lu Si-Qing performed on June 13 1997. In 1992 Mr. Hsiao Tyzen’s second concerto 《Cello Concerto in C》came out, it was still great work.