If you have a pass, Abba's sweat, mother's blood, fertile soil full of four circles ... .. "With the gentle rhythm of the first song, "Please you in Taiwan through Taiwan," the words between the ring buckle pity Taiwan love, although the description of Taiwan to narrow, but in the efforts of parents, to cultivate a sweet grain, fruit, as long as the heart of love Work hard, will be able to get happiness here. Taiwan is Mr. Xiao Tairan's heart "forever home", his works always have a strong national sentiment, love the land of the motherland.

He put the thoughts and love of the land into a moving song so that he can be from the original local folk musicians, transformed into internationally renowned musicians. In addition, Xiao Tairan will be Taiwan's unique flavor of the folk style, into the works. As the international people to listen to the work of Xiao teachers, feel the exotic experience has not been successful, the success of Taiwan's local music features through Westerners familiar with the music grammar and passed out on the international music exchange has a significant contribution and influence.