"The great people of Taiwan, the East Sea Taiwan is a glorious country, for the development of Taiwan, Taiwan people really hard."
And the sound of the song, the song of the famous "Taiwan Ode" by Mr. Tyzen Hsiao, was the overseas Taiwanese who would be excited to cry the song. This song of music from Taiwan Pingpo and Aboriginal tune, gave people a lot of simple and pure "Taiwan sense."
As we all think that the oriental music and the Western style of music is completely different, Tyzen Hsiao bold use of Western traditional tone music creation techniques, and into the early Taiwan folk, with its unique talent to create an unprecedented music. Works are showing the love of the country, the successful integration of the romantic music and Taiwan folk music. To violin, piano and orchestral concerto to reproduce the new style of Taiwan folk, so that Taiwan folk can be a new way, jumped to the international arena.


At the same time, Mr. Tyzen Hsiao is also a Christian devout, Mr. Tyzen Hsiao is the most well known by the creators of the local music, and he has made hundreds of hymns, such as the famous "prayer of the soul", "love" Are all the songs by Tyzen Hsiao hand. Tyzen Hsiao established the local classical style of Taiwanese churches' music, established the status of Taiwanese art songs, created elegant Taiwanese style of salon, broke the musical political taboo and wrote Taiwanese epic with music, and for Taiwanese intellectuals Opened up a modern music and popular pop music outside of another choice, his music expressed the long-suppressed Taiwanese people's voice, but not cynical passion to show, on the contrary, is a gentle and humble feelings of accession to the WTO, and This is the spirit of Christianity.


In addition to the sound of the Taiwanese national song, but also for the Taiwan people and freedom to use music to compete, Mr. Tyzen Hsiao made the "1964 Overture" can be called the history of Taiwan's first music record with the famous twenty-two eight events Of the works, Tyzen Hsiao in 1994 to complete the disease. Lyrics, with love to irrigate Taiwan this precious, unique pure land, and look forward to lay down their hatred to create the future of Taiwan. In order to care for Taiwan as a starting point, Mr. Tyzen Hsiao also created a large number of vocal and orchestral works, such as "Taiwan really beautiful", "Yushan Song", "ah! Formosa - for the martyrs of the town of soul" Mr. famous "snack burden" is for the Taiwan snack spectrum of music, is the first time for the Taiwanese snacks made by musicians. Tyzen Hsiao many songs rich deep and thick taste of Taiwan, his music will be for Taiwan's history and color left a precious music record.
Tyzen Hsiao's music Fu Han's vitality and affection for the local, in the classical music of the composer achievements, quality and quantity are very outstanding, is Taiwan in recent years, a few can be in the art of "tastes" one of the composers. Mr. Tyzen Hsiao's love and contribution to Taiwan is obvious to all.