Rogers: Music is a common language for humans
In fact, there are many silent in Taiwan with music, singing, movies ... and so on, to promote the beauty of Taiwan. Here we through the Internet and newspapers and magazines to find today's continued emphasis on Taiwan's land of Taiwan's great man.

National singer / director / physician:

1 Yan Yongneng: nickname love river national singer, to fight dog chaos song head. For more than a decade, with music to record the story of land in Taiwan, to write a unique Taiwanese democratic feelings. Has been the way to show with the singing, traveled 319 townships across the Taiwan, all left his footprints. With his Taiwanese characteristics of the creative front show, let the world see Taiwan's cultural vitality and vitality. In addition to the folk songs and the use of Taiwanese aborigines, cloth songs and other music elements, showing a unique new performance art, continue to wake up Taiwan, the United States and the United States and the United States, The local consciousness of the people to the land. 2010 Twenty-First Golden Melody Award for Best Taiwanese Album and 2011 Taiwan's original pop music awards River language group first prize.


2. Zeppelin: a well-known Taiwan photographer, environmental advocate. The famous documentary "see Taiwan" director, in the film for up to 93 minutes are through the director to let everyone see the same height of Taiwan to appreciate the beauty and sadness on the land, Qi director said: "Taiwan is our mother, need We hope that through the film can make more people to re-cherish, pay attention to this piece of land, which is what Taiwan is currently lacking. "Qi director through the film so that we see the beautiful Taiwan but also see once Times suffering from devastated Taiwan. And won the Best Documentary Award at the 50th Golden Horse Award in 2013.



3. Lin Hengzhe:
The name of Lin Zhixiong, Lin Hengzhe Although the Bank is a doctor, but three decades, the most important work is to introduce books to readers inside and outside the island. The era of the trendy library is the introduction of the world famous to the island readers, when he compiled the "Russell", "Russell memories", "twentieth century representative" and other books, in 1983 he founded the United States in Taiwan Library is to introduce the Taiwanese culture to the readers at home and abroad, and a "carved Taiwan culture dream" and "create a new era of Taiwan culture" and other books. He is one of the best efforts of overseas Taiwanese people to promote Taiwanese cultural movement. He has given birth to the "Taiwan Literature Research Society", "Taiwan Cultural Night" and "Taiwan Famous Music Series". He has also led the Taiwan culture The tour will be held in Taiwan throughout the United States to hold cultural lectures in Taiwan, in 1997 won the Taiwan-US Foundation Humanities Award.
In 1997, at the invitation of Chen Yongxing and Huang Shengxiong, he returned to Hualien Mennonite Hospital to serve the aboriginal and other ethnic groups of the mountain, and combined with Mennonite Hospital for the eastern Taiwanese culture locomotive to promote the reproduction of humanism. (Quoted by Xiao Tai Ran Foundation)