With music talent since childhood, Mr. Tyzen had to face his career selection after graduating from junior high school. His father originally hoped Mr Hsiao Tyzen can be a doctor like what he done. At the same time Mr Dai Ming-Fu, the principal of Chang-Jung Junior High School, made a suggestion to Mr Hsiao Tyzen’s father. He said, “ To be a musician may help more people than what doctor did.” Because of the principal’s advice, Tyzen’s father turned to be fully supported his music career. Therefore, Mr. Hsiao Ty-zen started his music life.

After graduating,he got married with Ms. Ren-Ci. Then, he went to Japan with the passion of music to build up his dream. During staying in Japan, he learned a lot from the composer- Fujimoto Hideo and pianist- Nakane Nobue. These two teachers kept praising how good their student Mr. Hsiao Tyzen was. They said that we had never seen the superior student like Mr. Hsiao, besides the good foundation, his reading and the memory of the music score are also stunning. Although just learning about two years, his diligent attitude made these two years were equivalent to what people learnd for four or five years. After he completed his study, he returned to Taiwan in 1967.



Good times did not last long. In 1977, Mr Hsiao Tyzen left Taiwan for America due to the suddent outburst. He didn’t give up the music while he was staying in America. He continue created the music, let more and more people around the world can hear the sound of Taiwan.