In 1938,he was born at a Presbyterian church under Kaohsiung So-shan, at that time there were only two pianos in Kaohsiung and Xiao’s family got one. His father Hsiao Rui-an was a dentist stayed in Japan, he loved music and he owned 78-rpm records(also called gramophone records). His mother Lin Xue-yun was also a pianist stay in Japan. Under influencing by the surroundings, Tyzen Hsiao learned the piano from his mother when he was four, he had already performed in public when he was seven. He had revealed his unique music skills since he was young. His childhood was full of music and religion.




In 1953,Mr Tyzen Hsiao studied at Chang-Rong Junior High School, which is a christian school in Tainan. Under the musical atmosphere, he was more determined about his pursuit of the music. His friend Li Yun-Jin had said, “When most of the students went outside to exercise, only Tyzen played the piano alone in class.” Mr Tyzen Hsiao said, “During that time, a lot of people learned music was because they wanted to be a music educator to teach music in school. But for me, I wanted to be a composer.”




After graduating from high school, Mr Tyzen Hsiao sucessfully admitted to the Music Department of Taiwan Provincial Teachers College, he was cultivated one after the other by lots of instructors. Therefore, it concreted his music foundation. After graduating from university in 1965, he went to Japan to study music. He not only played paino well but also spent many times to study composing. Diligent and music talent made himhe appreciated by his teachers. Someone had described Mr Tyzen Hsiao regarded composing and performance as praise to the God.





Mr. Tyzen Hsiao came back to Taiwan after finishing his study in 1967 with lots of ideals and ambitions. He based on teaching the piano, and did some composing in his spare time. Then started to join different music activities and teaching works. He spreaded the music seeds on Taiwanese land. Russian romantic musician, Rachmaninoff, had been forced to flee because of home turmoil, his music was full of missing hometown. Mr Tyzen Hsiao encountered the same situations,too. He imigrated to America in1977, using the music to express his missing of hometown, known as “Taiwanese Rachmaninoff - the last romanticism piano composer.”



On 25th Feb 2015, our national treasure composer, Mr Tyzen Hsiao passed away. Today, 25th Feb 2016, Mr. Hsiao had died for an year, only use these works to show our commemoration.