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Valuing intellectual property rights is a very crucial issue in today's society. We especially paid attention to it in the course of doing the project. The photos on our project website are mostly taken by Vanguard and the guiding teachers; the photos of national and international Glove Puppetry performances are offered by Qing Fa Wu. We scanned and retook the photos. To show respect to Qing Fa Wu and to property rights, we also got a hard copy authorized signature.

Besides, for the part where we introduce Glove Puppetry, we want to thank the founder of My Puppets Cultural and Creative Park and Manager Xu for their assistance. They offered many materials for us to take photos of and helped us filing, enriching our project's content. Once again, to show respect to them and to property rights, we also got a hard copy authorized signature.

Moreover, for the part where we delineate Yuanlin Glove Puppetry's development and Yuanlin local historical development, we want to thank Mrs. Qiu from Yuanlin Historical Studio for her great jelp. She offered us plentiful information. We also got a hard copy authorization.

To polish our contents, we also looked up information online and cited them afterwards.

Data Compilation: Min Shun, Ren You, Li Lun, Jing Jun
Source of Photos: taken by Jing-Siou Vanguard
Source of Information: written by Jing-Siou Vanguard