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Yi Sheng Liu (劉譯聲)

Glove Puppetry is a hundreds-year-old Taiwan traditional culture. Through the chance of being the advisors in Cyberfair project, we guided students to do field trips to explore the good tradition in our hometown, hoping by learning through discovery, children's abilities and passions toward Glove Puppetry sprout and render Glove Puppetry long-lasting.

We hope that through the project, students learn more than solely knowledge concerning Glove Puppetry. What's more important is that they learn from Mr. Qing Fa and Aunt Su Lan the diligence, courageous and creative spirits they bear and further capture the intangible treasure shining through from the spirits.

Mei Tu Chiu (邱美都)

Glove Puppetry is a hundreds-year-old Taiwan culture's representation. We I saw the Vanguard got more intrigued in exploring and taking down the stories happening in our hometown, I was moved. To witness and guide students to complete the project, it is a valuable lesson for me.

I hope people can see the efforts Vanguard put in exploring Glove Puppetry and trigger people's interest in it.

Yu Lung Lin (林佑隆)

New paradise Glove Puppetry Troupe was founded in 1949. It is one of the few Glove Puppetry Troupes that still has backstage bands. The Troupe’s leader Qing Fa Wu was born in Yuanlin, Changhua. His father Tu Wu is a Peikuan master that is proficient in gong (鑼), drum, chou (鈔), string (弦) and chui (吹) which are known as Wu Chui Shou (五吹手). His mother plays Dan in Peikuan Luantan Opera (亂彈班). Qing Fa followed his father’s arrangement and had been learning Glove Puppetry since he was little. He could operate the lead character in Glove Puppetry when he was 17. Until now, he has been having the experience of performing for six decades. New Paradise Glove Puppetry Troupe belongs to Peikuan Glove Puppetry. Peikuan Glove Puppetry – different from Jin Guang (金光) puppetry using multiple sound and light effects, such as playing incidental music, blasting and doing stunts –owns Peikuan backstage bands and is a traditional Glove Puppetry dubbed by Peikuan music. With the advancement of technology and the change of time, light effects, the usage of incidental music and computer animations are widely used in many Glove Puppetry troupes. It is a good thing that the trend of technology-tinted Glove Puppetry thrives which helps to make Glove Puppetry popular.Yet, holding on to traditional value, preserving the originality of Peikuan Glove Puppetry is also something that deserves attention. Only through a retrospection of how Glove Puppetry used to be can we remember its original form and avoid parting ways. Besides, a hidden concern for all conventional cultures is that when the traditional values are ebbing, there is no wave strong enough to carry the values and pass them on. When the society puts much focus on economy, relevant public sectors should carry on the mission to pass on conventional cultures, so the offspring can witness the truth, goodness and beauty of them.

Data Compilation: Compiled by all Jing-Siou Vanguard's guiding teachers
Source of Photos: offered by teachers