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Ren You(仁又)

I was very excited when I heard that we were going to participate in Cyberfair. We started by interviewing Teacher Wu about his life spending on Glove Puppetry. He enthusiastically shared everything with us and taught us how to operate puppets, which impressed me the most. When I first started operating the puppet, I was so nervous that I would break the puppet. My palms gushed sweat, but after Teacher Wu told me not to be tense, I felt calmer. Although the day devoured much of my energy, I had a great time. Afterwards, we visited “My Puppets” (偶的家) in Yunlin. We made puppets by ourselves, which, I learnt, is a toilsome job. We also interviewed the establisher of “My Puppets”, went to Yunlin Lantern Festival and took many photos, leaving me a great memory. I learnt many things in doing this project: website codes and everything about Glove Puppetry. I am thankful to the teachers and the classmates that participated with me. I feel happy for having this experience.

Li Lun (立倫)

For me, it is such an honor to participate in Cyberfair because the teachers and the classmates that participated in it devoted a lot to the project. Teacher Wu spared a lot of time for us – even when that meant he had to sacrifice his own time, he did not mind. Teacher Wu took us to many places, such as My Puppets and Glove Puppetry Museum in Yunlin. Because of the tour, I get to know Glove Puppetry; because of the teacher, I had so much great memory. My Puppets is a great place. We found a lot of information and examples there, so I like it there. It was because of Cyberfair that I have a chance to visit so many great places.

Jing Jun (景竣)

The Cyberfair Project had started since I was in my sixth grade. Although I joined the project team in the last half period of time, I did experience many things, join many activities and learn much knowledge. For example, we started by practicing typing. We had to practice how to speed up or memorize the place of every phonetic notation, which resulted in a sore arm, but it was so fun. And then, we had to deliver Glove Puppetry report. We were so nervous at first, but after many times of practices and experiences on stage, everyone is less tense. When we visited My Puppets in Yunlin, we learnt a lot about Glove Puppetry and saw the fatigue of making puppets. Visiting Mr. Wu taught me many things. We got to know why some famous people in Glove Puppetry desired to join the realm in the first place, and we got to know a lot of knowledge because of Qing Fa Wu. I am very grateful. I learnt from these activities and I had a lot of fun. To me, Cyberfair is a competition that teaches us cooperation, and that makes the competition meaningful. I am very thankful for the teachers that gave us so much resource. I am very happy to be a part of it.

Min Shun (敏順)

I had been so excited since I heard that we were going to do Cyberfair project. Even though I had participated in it before, I still want to participate in it again. First, we went to visit and learn in My Puppets. Then, we got a chance to make puppets –we did not know how toilsome making puppets could be until we tried it. And then, we went to visit Glove Puppetry Museum in Yunlin. We took pictures and absorbed information there. Next, we went to interview Mr. Wu. He began to learn Puppet Show in the 34th year of the “Republic Era”. The motivation behind him learning was of his father's remark and he had been hearing the lines of the show from his father so he had already memorized them. He told us “ Puppet Show is not only about making puppets, it's also about using them to their fullest.” After listening to his explanation, we know more about Puppet Show and how the puppets are made. Lastly, we went to Yunlin Lantern Festival to take photos of the Puppet Show. I was so excited to see the lanterns! I want to thank my teachers for putting me on the Cyberfair project team and also my classmates for keeping me company.

Pin Yi (品貽)

For the Cyberfair project, we were separated in many teams. We had encountered many problems, such as having trouble with the complicated computer program, and of course, many more, but we found solutions to all of them at last. We also went to visit Mr. Wu's office, My Puppets and many places to gather information. We spent a lot of time and money on it. We put a lot of effort to make it work.

Chen Yu (晨妤)

Wow! Cyberfair project has finally coming to an end. For Cyberfair, we visited two masters in a row –Qing Fa Wu and Jian Zhang Xu (徐建章). When we visited Qing Fa Wu, a lot of fun things happened, but when we interviewed Mr. Wu, he suddenly turned serious, and I could sense the importance of Puppet Show to him. When we listened to him talking about his experience and sharing his photos, I understood that success is not only about talent, it majorly sits on hard work. Jian Zhang Xu is a master in carving. The motivation behind him becoming a sculptor is that he wanted to finish his father's dream. Carrying his father's unfinished dream –and also for his talents and hard work, he has now become a famous sculptor. After visiting them, I learnt a lot. I hope I still have a chance to visit Qing Fa Wu and ask him more about Puppet show. I also hope I have another chance to participate in Cyberfair project.

Yi Jing (易靖)

For the Cyberfair project, we visited many people in the realm of Puppet Show, One of whom is a local –Mr. Wu. When visiting Qing Fa Wu, he told us that he had started to get exposed to Puppet Show since the 34th year of the “Republic Era”. During such a long time of being in this realm, he had been given Art Heritage Award, and performed in many places, including the U.S.A and Canada. We put a lot of efforts into collecting the information. By the chance of participating in Cyberfair, I learnt many techniques, inclusive of collecting information. The project is the result of us cooperating, devoting time and efforts. By visiting and interviewing, we collected some information on Puppet Show and took down the words by Glove Puppetry artists little by little to be able to finish this report.

Liang Yi (亮誼)

I am so glad to participate in Cyberfair because I have learnt a lot throughout the process –from learning to type to learning to operate puppets, which we learnt from Mr. Wu when we visited him. We realized that it is a hard work being in the field of Puppet Show, and I admire Mr. Wu for he is talented and has the ability to rule out the obstacles. Also, it is not easy to get prizes and he did, so I think he is very respectable. We also went to My Puppets to make puppets and then we visited Jian Zhang Xu and learnt a lot from him, as well. I am honored to participate in Cyberfair. Although it is sort of tiring to do the transcription, it is worth it. I want to thank my teachers for giving me a chance to be a part of the team.

Yun Jia (允佳)

I am very pleased to participate in Cyberfair. We had been to many places. One of my favorite parts of the process is that we visited Teacher Wu. He explained to us things about Puppet Show and taught us how to operate puppets. We saw many puppets and I was startled to see so many. I couldn't stop thinking about it after the visit. The activity is fun and I admire Teacher Wu. I am so glad to have the chance to visit him. We also visited My Puppets and Lantern Festival in Yunlin. I love everything about this trip. I also learnt something others might never had a chance to know. Although I have encountered something unpleasant during the trip, I am still happy to be on the team and enjoy so many fun activities. I want to thank my teachers and classmates for their assistance and companionship. If I have the chance, I want to participate in this competition again.

Pei Hua (佩樺)

I am so glad to participate in Cyberfair. Because I am a big fan of Mr. Wu, I was so excited when I knew that we were going to interview him. When I saw him, I was as happy as a lark. In the beginning, Mr. Wu told us about his experience, and I got to know that putting on a Puppet Show is such a hard and toilsome job. I really admire him and I didn’t want to go home. I hope I still have a chance to visit him. I really love lanterns as well. The lanterns are colorful and my favorite on is Evil Queen(妖后). I like her bold and careful characteristic. I also like Su Huan-jen (素還真), Ye Xiao Chai (葉小釵) etc. Although we didn’t see how the lanterns look at night, which was a pity, I had a lot of fun just being with them. I want to thank the teachers and my classmates for the assistance and support. I am glad to cooperate with them. I am very contented about the report. Thanks, everyone.

Data Compilation: Compiled by all members in Jing-Siou Vanguard
Source of Photos: taken by Jing-Siou Vanguard
Source of Information: written by Jing-Siou Vanguard