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We are thankful for the relatives, friends, uncles and aunts' help.

We want to thank Mr. Wu for lending us a hand in completing our project.

We want to thank him for his great help in accepting our interview and giving us ample information, which helps to enrich our knowledge and experiences on the way to competing our project.

We want to thank Yu Qin Cai (the one on the left) and her daughter Feng Huang Wu (the one on the right) for fixing us up with Mr. Wu

We want to thank them for helping us to contact Mr. Wu so it went smoother for us to contact and communicate with him. We also got more precise information on Mr. Wu's schedule and relevant activities and thus we could successfully completed out project.

We want to thank My Puppets for their full support. They help to enrich our project's content.

We want to thank the establisher of My Puppets Cultural and Creative Park – Su Lan Cai, Manager Mr. Xu and sculptor Mr. Xu for offering us with all kinds of assistance and giving us a lot of Glove Puppetry relevant information.

We want to thank all of the teachers in Jing Siou Elementary School for their assistance.

We want to thank the principal, the chiefs, the teachers and parents for their help. Because of them, we were offered with abundant of administrative support and human resources. We were also given many great advices, which helped us through completing the project. Thank you all.

Data Compilation: Min Shun, Ren You, Li Lun, Jing Jun
Source of Photos: taken by Jing-Siou Vanguard
Source of Information: written by Jing-Siou Vanguard