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Source: taken by Jing-Siou Vanguard

Considering no one in our group –except for Min Shun –had the experience in interview and the one that was giving us interviews is an Art Heritage-rewarded Glove Puppetry expert, so we were pretty nervous. One thing that appeases us is that one of our teachers knows Aunt Feng Huang and Mr. Wu is Aunt Feng Huang's friend –Aunt Feng Huang helped a lot with setting us up with Mr. Wu. And thus, we were less worried about saying something wrong because we knew Mr. Wu would not keep it in mind.

Our guiding teacher discussed with us how the interview was done and asked Min Shun to share with us her experience in doing an interview, so we got to know how it was done. We would not flounder helplessly without a direction.

Before the interview, Aunt Feng Huang had assisted in asking if Qing Fa Wu would be willing to give an interview, and he accepted it. But that was not enough. To show our positive attitude and sincerity, Min Shun, the one with experience, called Mr. Wu to get his confirmation.

Source: taken by Jing-Siou Vanguard
Source: taken by Jing-Siou Vanguard

Data Compilation: Yun Jia, Yi Jing, Chen Yu
Source of Photos: taken by Jing-Siou Vanguard
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Qing Fa Wu's narration