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▲Picture14:The auction of Taiwanese opera costumes in Pingdung branch, Administrative enforcement agency, Ministry of Justice

Taiwanese opera is a traditional drama culture in Taiwan. In the beginning, the reason we chose this as our topic is because we want to know much about our local cultures.In the research process, we found no matter characters, costumes, or way of singing, etc. in Taiwanese opera; they have specific, unique value in arts. But even the famous Liou Fangshiou Taiwanese opera troupe in Pingdung has less performance, without government's support, the troupe needs to sell its valuable costumes, we can see the lifeline of the art will be destroyed. Technology is advanced, but our folk culture is ignored. This lead many people no longer interested in Taiwanese opera, and may let Taiwanese opera gradually vanish in our life. But we believe if there are government's support and fan's encouragement, this culture will definitely be seen again, even toward the stage abroad.