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Q1: When did you know Taiwanese opera?
A: Since I was seven, I joined a Taiwanese opera troupe before taking
education. It's because my parents performed in it. It's a kind of heritage
and already for many generations. It's been over fifty years till now.

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Q2: What's the serendipity to perform Taiwanese opera?
A: Because of the interest, I wanted to perform Taiwanese opera. Not because of my parents. At that time my parents were really opposed about learning Taiwanese opera. Later, I learned it with my two older sisters.
Q3: When did you start to make costumes? What's the reason?
A: I began to make costumes since I was 30s. It's much expensive to buy ready-to-wear apparel. It saves wages when I made them myself.
Q4: Whats the difference between the present and the past in costumes?
A: The difference is embroidery. The embroidery was made by hand in the past, but now both computers and machines can do it. Hand embroidery is costly but the costume is firmly.
Q5: Are there any rules for specific patterns or colors in making costumes?
A: Every character has its own pattern. There are some limitations on patterns and colors. For example, yellow is for emperors. For embroidery, qilin is for government officers, and dragon represents emperor.

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