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 Ms. Ye Liyin began to make costumes since she's 30s, and she's made costumes for over thirty years. In the beginning, she made the costumes for people in troupes. At first, she tore the ready-to-wear apparel little by little to get the point; she found some people to research and consult the skills of making costumes, or took photos in the performance to get the patterns, colors, etc. for the reference and imitated to make by herself. Then she learned how to cut the perfect patterns, coordinate colors. One of her teacher's father was a tailor who owned a store, so she learned how to sewing, measuring, and cut skirts perfectly. She knew the skills of measuring waist, length of clothes, and so on. As for the pants, she used the patterns from other tailors to learn how to do it by self-learning.

▲ Photos when patterns present

 When making costumes, the first step is to take the ready-to-wear costumes in order to see how to make alternation. Then Ms. Ye used paper to make patterns. She made the pattern on one side first; she took this side to extend and then to complete the whole costume. At the moment she began to do the embroidery, she had no tool to use, so she asked others help her. Then she could do the rest of the part.

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