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Lotisao:The costumes are plain and simple in this period. Apparel is ready-to-wear with a bit alternation. The cloth is coarse with simple decorations such as a little bit ribbons. Plain and simple are the images of costumes overall.

Indoor stage Taiwanese opera:Because it is influenced by Chinese opera. There is no big difference between these two kinds of costumes. In this period, the costumes are focus on "embroidery." The embroidery is much exquisite in clothes. There's also a feature that the style of costumes looks like Ming Dynasty in this period.

Taiwanese opera in Japanese colony:It's Japanese colony from 1895 to 1945. In this period Taiwanese opera has huge differences. At that time, Japanese government implemented Japanization. Owing to the force by Japan government, there are tremendous restricts performing Taiwanese opera. The performers of Taiwanese opera were forced to perform in kimono
and officers were forced to wear clothes in Japanese style.

▲picture8: Indoor stage Taiwanese opera

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