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▲Ye Liyin

 Ms. Ye Liyin was born in Tamshui, New Taipei City in 1955. She has performed Taiwanese opera for over fifty years. Since she was little, her family worked in a Taiwanese opera troupe. Before taking education she was about 7 years old; she began to learn Taiwanese opera. She learned it because of interest. In the beginning, her parents were really opposed. They thought studying was better than learning Taiwanese opera. Ms. Ye Liyin was the youngest and she learning it with her two older sisters. At that time, she was only seven years old. One of her older sister was twelve years old, the other was ten. They went to "kid's class" in "New Chiuyueh young ladies Taiwanese opera troupe" and signed a five-and-a-half-year contract to learn and perform. The ganger, boss’ wife and other people in the troupe instructed her. She learned from the basic such as kicks and handstand and so on; she also learned movements, ways of singing in male lead Wusheng and gestures in some female leads.

  Ms. Ye Liyin's contract was due at twelve years old. She followed her mom to "Chengsheng drama troupe" in Taipei at the age of fourteen. The next year, her mom left this troupe with her to " Chunmanyuan drama troupe." People in Chunmanyuan teased her for not being able to perform Taiwanese opera perfectly. After abandoning from this troupe, she made up her mind concentrating on learning drama performing.

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